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Story of Two Friends

by Pavan Kumar
(Hyderabad, India)

Once there lived two best friends, John and David, albeit antithesis in their personalities still gelled with each other like brothers. They were happy living in an independent house at heart of the city of Buckingham in London.

They were sincere in their responsibilities and seldom used to spend time for playing. John studied hard all the time to secure the first position in the class, but his friend was languid in his academics and scarcely spend time on studies rather he was interested in stamp collection and movie watching. They were inveterate to cooking food and cleaning house. John was parsimonious by nature and abstained extravagance to lead an abstemious life but his friend was diametrically opposite to him and was prodigal in his expenditures. They were never at odds with each other and led a tranquil life.

One day they step out to dine alfresco to beat the banality of life. David in slapdash locks the door and checks out with John. After returning to home, they are flabbergasted to see their door lock broken and dumbstruck to descry loss of valuables after rummaging clothes inside. It is perspicuous from the scenario, that pilferage took place due to your negligence, said John. Thereafter, a heated argument takes place between them paving the way for embitterment. John blusters at David for showing dereliction in his responsibility which enables him to leave home for indignant treatment later.

The entire situation seems to be flummoxed and cops show up at the spot for investigation. The passersby on the road gawked at where the incident took place with anxiety. The policemen are on constant endeavors to extract a piece of information from the people but fail to unveil any. John is exasperated and left in a situation with no alternative to solve poignant the problem.

In the meanwhile,
policemen find a purse lying on the floor interspersed with clothes while sniffing the house, which gives them an allusion to advance in solving the case. They become invigorated with this veritable evidence and motion to chase the thief. John feels exhilarated on knowing this and Cries over split milk for a slugfest with David especially when he discovers that the lock which he gave to him was defective and screws loosened within it, instead of one which he always preferred to lock the door.

The police caught the criminal and the valuables recuperated from him were handed over to john the same was published in print media which comes to the notice of David later. With this, David decided to meet his friend to assuage the situation. Accordingly, he moves there to confabulate the same with him. John is rapturous to see his friend and went berserk but David doesn’t exhibit any sign of happiness rather there was an air of jaded sullenness in him. He tells him: I don’t want to stay with you because of your supercilious nature and would part from you sooner. In a trembling voice, whimpered john Dear me! “I realize how big mistake I committed without circumspection by fulminating against you and regret the same now”. I request you to take stock of the situation without plunging headlong to any decision. The reason for my spiraling out of control was the fact that the larceny took place for a trifling mistake. I know that mistake lies within me and regret that. David feels the pinch of emotions of his friend and decides to stay back. John expresses his gratitude to him for understanding the matter and finally they become friends to stay together.

The story’s moral is: Jumping to the conclusion without Introspection of the situation leads to shambles.

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Nov 10, 2017
by: Nuggehalli Pankaja

Liked the moral underlining the story. Educative indeed!

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