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Stuck We Remain

by Shevaughn Pimenta
(Mumbai, India)

Right as the rain, right as the sun
Yet again, the damage is done
Mother divine, mother of mine
Some people never change, et tu?

You broke the mold
You broke my back.
Years of this, years of that,
Stuck, we remain.

No surrender under pressure, toes stuck firm...
... hold tight the earth that squirms in between.

For I am my own, and we must protect our own.

Don't ask for help, don't ask for sympathy, don't ask me to understand thee, I shall not and I will not.

I will lift no finger, no emotion shall you see perspire from me.

You, the she-devil, the sorceress supreme, listen to the gongs of hell, they bless you.
Kerberus! The mighty hound - most unforgiving!
This jagged-toothed beast!..
...Gnashes its jaws, anticipating you!

Only you to blame, only you to be sacrificed.

My hand, you no longer have to hold.
My disrespect, you no longer can scold.

Money is key, money is worship, you saw to that.
For which, off you sold me, off to nothing...

So I say once more, don't fall to your knees before me, don't whimper at my ankles.

Don't cry a sad symphony, consider me deaf!

I cast you into the void, where you must sooth...
...and down the sour tonic of life, just as we all must.

So don't call for me, and most importantly, don't call me!

Your day of reckoning has dawned, and lo, here approaches the Undertaker.


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