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Success Story Unfolded

by Suriakumari
(Bangalore, India)

The Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce called out, 'Mrs.Meena Shankar.' She has been enrolled as one of the successful lady entrepreneurs of the current year.

Meena rose from her seat, gracefully walked towards the dais. All the eyes were focused on her and there was pin drop silence. Her pink sari was complementing her enticing beauty. After the felicitations it was Meena's turn to address the gathering. She said, "I have seen ups and downs in my life. In spite of the brewing crisis I have learned to control my mind. I understand,mental strength and hard work are the only prerogative to combat the challenges of life and I am a living example".

Meena hails from a middle class family, married to Shankar,a handloom exporter. She entered the wedlock soon after her graduation in Home Science. Meena's loving care and moral support ignited Shanker's confidence in his personal and business life as well. He had a lavish life style and Meena had never bothered to enter his business accountability. After one year, Meena delivered a boy baby and their joy knew no bounds. Shankar enjoyed celebrations and threw up parties off and on. Meena's profound skills showcased small surprises making her distinct from other ladies. Her son Vineeth got admission in a public school and Meena's friendship and acquaintance with other mothers made her smarter....Happy life followed.

The tenth wedding anniversary was being on a grand scale. After the party, Shankar developed chest pain and fatigue and was admitted in a hospital. To every body's shock, he had a massive heart attack and died immediately. Meena's happy life saw an abrupt end, sealing the horizon of happiness for ever, when she lost mental balance and collapsed.

Following days were filled with unprecedented agony. External pressures mounted up,creditors were seen queued up. Suddenly she felt disabled loosing her sheen. Meena virtually broke down, friend's solace turned to deaf ears and their unsolicited offer of help went waste.

Meena sold their house to settle the dues and moved to a rented house with Vineeth. All her dreams shattered and she felt the sun has already set in her life. She hugged her son and cried and cried forgetting every thing in the world. Her imprisoned mind gave her signals to escape from all her miseries. She was in tender hooks with out knowing how to restart the life from the scratch. Her available finance already depleted,and life was no more rosy. Somehow she gathered courage for the sake of her son. She could
not apply for any jobs without experience. All the doors were closed and life looked like a litmus test. Meena frowned at her inadequacies and cursed her solitude. She was desperate for a solution to her problems. Her charming personality attracted few high profiled suitors for marriage whom she politely refused.

Few more days passed by. Finally she decided to fight the crisis rather than thinking for an escape. In retrospect, Meena wondered at her culinary skills. Gathering courage she endorsed her own strength and decided to act. She shed her fears and drew a map of future plans. Meena's small industry started with Masala powders. Her first customers were her own friends. Marketing pursued through word of mouth and in no time demand increased because of the aroma and taste of her items.

Real business started. She knew she was playing with fire, but she made a leap forward with conviction. Bank of India sanctioned a loan of five lakhs under self employment scheme. Her responsibility multiplied, she had to repay the loans too.

Subsequent months witnessed employment of more and more ladies in a newly built factory. Meena diversified her products - pickles, condiments and wide range of eateries were added to the list with a brand name Shankar's..Very soon these items found their pride of place in almost all kitchens and supermarket.

Ten years elapsed since Meena launched her business in a humble way, from the scratch to something and later extended and widened. There was a real vertical growth when Meena took orders for wedding and corporate parties. Now she stays in a beautifully designed house.She is a very busy person owning a business of worth crores turn over, marketing throughout India.

Life has made a swift and Meena wanted to see no stones unturned. All her staff were delighted at the unusual business growth and thanked her for the generosity in sharing profit. Meena's attention diverted to overseas market. With the help of a friend she marketed her products in USA and soon Shankar's products showcased not only in Indian stores but also in Wall Mart. Now Meena is a full fledged entrepreneur.All is well and goes well.She is waiting for her son to complete his Masters in Business Management and join her.

The President congratulated and complimented her achievements and handed over a memento. He said, "Ladies are not vulnerable,they are intelligent and given a chance they can rise to the occasion."

Audience gave a big loud applauds and without anyone's notice Meena wiped her tears of joy.

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Oct 22, 2013
by: Manohar Naidu

Though I read it now, liked the narration - empowerment of woman.

May 31, 2013
success story unfolded
by: suriakumari

Thanks Pankaja for your encouragement. We have seen ladies coming out successful when some incidents happen in their life all on a sudden,which I tried to bring out in this story.

May 29, 2013
by: nuggehallipankaja

Yes,this is really an inspiring story of many Meenas facing boldly and alone,the challenges of life ,crossing hurdles undaunted! It shows how much a woman can achieve if she only makes up her mind.
Narration interesting. The writer can build up a bright future in her field with diligence,like the Meena depicted.

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