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Such a Fool is a World Around Me

by Gurpreet Kaur

My face, a mask of the turmoil within
A mask hiding all of my pain inside
Not allowing a single revelation to surface
But it all doesn't matter besides
Because what all they see is merely my face, my smile
They think and envy at the same time
Thinking of the extent of my bliss
Thinking that I'm floating on cloud nine

How I wish that I could show them all the real me
The real me reeking inside
Wanting so much to smile that smile I'm smiling
Enjoy the offerings of the world, hand in hand, side by side
But such a fool is the world around
That they simply believe that value at the face
Such a fool is even the person sitiing next to me
He can see the smile, but not the tears in my eyes which lace

So easy it is to make them believe
The wrong, the opposite, the fake
Such an utter fool that its all so simple
Because for real, for the truth, anything they will take
Even with eyes they can't see
Even with ears they can't hear
Even with brains working and hearts beating
They can't feel the truth even when its so near

Such a fool is this world around me
That they can't even catch a simple lie
Even when it stares them in their faces straight
They will simply move on, without a single glance passing by
It all just goes unnoticed
But I somehow just don't care
As the world is such a fool to me
A bunch of cowards, the truth who can't bear


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Nov 03, 2011
best 1 yet..
by: Gagan

dis is by far ur best work yet..
i really liked the startng of d poem,,d 1st 2 verses..
nd n apt end...

Oct 31, 2011
thnk u:)
by: gurpreet

thnks 4 d appreciation ma`am :)

Oct 29, 2011
without pain...
by: isabel

Such honest portrayal of emotions...
What is life without pain...
Without it we won't have any idea what genuine bliss is.

So sad that sometimes a mask must be worn like a shield in order to go on with the show, life in itself is a Zarzuela.

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