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Sunset at the Edge of Sea

by Khushboo khilwani
(Mithapur, Gujarat, India)

One more late Evening
Of to seashore a lonesome walk

One more sunset
Bare feet at the edge of the sea

One more sundown
I fall apart

I reveal my thoughts
I share some deep feelings
I release the sentiments in my heart
I let the tears slip down my eyes.

I glare the golden, orange and violet
Sky to soothe my eyes
The chilly breeze to bliss my cheeks
The stillness to harmonize my heart.

Mild, smooth, velvety foaming waves,
With scenery and natures blessings
I seek some tranquility and peace of my mind
Once again just let me be in the arms of twilight.

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Feb 12, 2012
thank you
by: khushboo

I will reduce the number of ‘I’ word in my poem next time …sorry if it irritated you…thank you for reading.

Hi snehaji … yeah … I was just creating an image in this poem and was satisfied the way it came out … will definitely pay attention to sentence formation next time … thank you!

Hi shaheen… sometimes it’s good to get some time from our busy life to enjoy nature … ye to apna mithapur beach hai yaar, humlog saath e to jaate hain … !!!!

Thank you sahilji.

Thanks all for reading…

Feb 11, 2012
Nice collection Of words
by: Sahil

Loved the way you Joined Nature and your very own thoughts.Simply Beautiful

Dec 07, 2011
by: shaheen

I like it but not found very nice as i cant feel nature so good as you this is the natural feeling whicg can be only feel and then put in the paper so till now i have never felt so much good nature well i love nature too!!!!!!!!!!

good job done
keep it up

Dec 05, 2011
Nice images
by: Sneha

Interesting structure of your poem. You've brought some nice images. However, pay more attention to sentence formations. A good attempt, though.

Dec 02, 2011
Sunset at the Edge of Sea
by: Anonymous

I saw you posted the link on Yahoo Answer.

No bad! It's very beautiful poem. Keep on writing that way.

one thing to say- reduce the number of 'I' word. Too many of them. Try and you will get a better poem.

Anonymous comments are not appreciated. Please write your name.


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