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Sympathy for the Devil- continued..

by Zeeshan Areef
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

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‘You lost your first battle there. You thought God would be crazy but He is the wisest and you are a loser. His mercy covers the entire human race. He never differentiates between black and white, rich and poor, good and ugly. He measures them equally on their deeds. But you manipulate them with greed, lust, hunger and adversity. I really appreciate your talent but again you lose because the faithful and the believers will never leave God’s hope of light.’

'But I have almost corrupted the majority.’ He justified.

‘Because you have corrupted yourself’ I answered. ‘You were once worthy of respect but now you are alone. Do what you want to. Kill me. At least I will be proud to kill the Devil beside me not inside.’

For the first time during our conversation, Satan’s face turned expressionless. I wondered if he understood the human intellectual mind has the agility to convey what God wants to convey. Even I was surprised to be so confident while replying to his accusations.

‘You don’t deserve to be killed. Prophecy doesn’t exist anymore. So it’s up to humans to support God’s purpose and defeat me.’ He said.

I felt pity for him. I urged, ‘Satan, ask for repentance. God might forgive you.’

‘I can’t’ He replied, ‘He has made me from fire and it will burn till the world comes to an end.’

He looked away and commanded me to stop. ‘We are here.’

I realized that we have reached his destination. He
got off the vehicle but I called him.

‘Satan!’ He turned around.
‘Oh! I almost forgot to say, thank you!’
‘You can still make peace with him.’ I suggested.
‘You can’t change that now. Nobody can. Either way, I can give you a very useful advice.’ Satan replied with utmost eagerness. I was curious too so I leaned ahead. He spoke.

‘A human heart is an awesome weapon to purify blood. But in reality, it is pumping the impure. If you can change that then you are with God and if you can’t then you are against him.’

He said his last and walked away disappearing into the crowd. I literally froze for a moment as my mind boggled through the last statement of Satan. Ignoring it, I drove away home but while on my way I couldn’t get his words out of my head. I started to think about him differently. It wasn’t respect for him but something I learnt with respect. The small talk with him did not change my view but it deepened my understanding about the morality of human existence. God never thought that His most trusted could turn against Him. Satan would find this tragic but his jealousy will continue to burn within. He would never repent, never regret but he made me realize that the real Satan is within us, inside our heart, pumping impure blood within our whole body. If we can cure ourselves, we can cure this world.


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Aug 12, 2013
by: Zeeshan Areef

I saw Satan disappearing into the mist of people.

In a way I felt sympathy for him because even even he is mortal, even he will end - Someday.

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