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That Day I Died

by Gurpreet Kaur

When the world around me
No more desired my company
When my broken, shattered heart
Wailed and cried aloud
But no one to comfort
Came to me no consoling sound

The day when my own dear ones
Said that I was no longer a part
Of their ever so caring family
Of their loving heart
When everyone whom I loved
Told me them to leave
When my own self disgraced
Broken, shattered did weep and grieve

When the one I loved
Stranded me
So alone in a strange place
Which I had never seen
When everyone left me so abruptly
Endlessly thousand tears I cried
The day when my loneliness I realized
That day I died

When all the faith instilled in me
Was lost so suddenly
When all the love of my share
Was taken away so suddenly
When all my dear ones said
A burden was my existence
To them it was nothing less than a curse
Each day my presence to sense

Now all is left to treasure
Is not any token from them all
But only those sweet moments
Converted into memories having them all
I have nothing more than these
My loneliness to while away
I have with me, only those memories
Of those graceful days

Today I see them more glee without me
As I count my years of exile
I become shattered by and by
And my loneliness comes back to me all the while
I still remember everyone left me abruptly so
Endlessly thousands I had cried
The day when loneliness I had realized
That day I had DIED

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Oct 31, 2011
thnk u:)
by: gurpreet

thnk u ramesh.

u hv always been motivating sundar sir.thnk u:)

harmeet...i never knew u can praise n appreciate a person so well...thnks 4 ur cmnts on all d poems..m overwhelmed!!...harmeet m v happy dat u actually read all d poems n liked in bw d u said u wont read..hehe:)thnks yr

Oct 29, 2011
Great thought
by: Harmeet

Excellent poem with deep meaning. And, a truly apt title for the poem!

5 stars for the poet :)

Oct 29, 2011
Good job
by: Sundar

Good beginning. wish u continue to express your creative talent and get the most deserved recognition too.

Oct 27, 2011
thnk u:)
by: Anonymous

thanks :)


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Oct 27, 2011
by: ramesh

good one..

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