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That Girl....

by Manish Agarwal
(Kolkata, India)

It was a beautiful evening. Mild and romantic wind blew all around. Atmosphere was set. On the streets of Kolkata, at the turning of Rabindra Sadan, lightening flashed and I saw the beautiful face of a charming girl. I heard “Ding- Dong". I thought it was an ambulance. After 34 seconds I realized someone was knocking in my heart!

Suddenly a die-heart melody spread in the air. Fragrance of lovely rose and nilofer sweetened the whole scenario. Crowd all around the streets sang, ”Tujhe dekha Toh yeh Jana Sanam, Pyar Hota Hai Deewana Sanam…”.

That girl came in front of me and yelled at me. She cried out “Tumhare ghar mein Maa, Behen nahi hai kya??”

I looked at her as if I was a dumb. She said ‘stupid’ and went away.

Best was still to come. Dupatta of her suit mingled with my shirts button. She stopped. Came back and gave me a tight slap. I was thrown back to the clouds. I just tried to hide myself and ran away. The small boy working at that roadside hotel laughed hilariously and said “Ki go, Babu Moshai, Ami, Tumi ar Ekta chol.” I ran away from there.

Whole night that girl came in my dreams and I visualized myself as SRK standing in the field of sunflower, holding a violin and waiting for my Simran to come. But she did not come. I thought what the use in standing there for long is? Let’s go back. If I get sick then how will I sing a song when she comes to me in reality.

That night aroused in me the Macho man. I was prepared to become Romeo. For safety, I kept a rakhi in my pocket in case her brother is around her and he sees me with her and comes up to blow off my beautiful face, I will show him the rakhi and say that I want to become her brother.

Rabindra sadan was my destination. I waited there for hours. In the midst I became well acquainted with that 67 years old lady who begs in the name of her husband, who died twelve years back. A cobbler even offered me a job of dirtying shoes of people around the street and convincing them to go for a shoe polishing. I said, “Kaka, I am a college student now. After graduation I will think about your offer.”

Finally, that girl came. Weather turned romantic again. I held a rose and she held her sandal. I uttered “your number”. She turned to me with her sandal in her hand and asked, “Kya
Bola?” I took off my slippers, caught them in my hands and ran away at a speed greater than jet.

Finally, I got the address of her house. I decided to go there. I saw a lady coming out of the house. I guess it was her mother. She was a huge lady, weighing 100 and above, unable to walk, stumbling with a vegetable bag. She was going to the market. She was thumping people and manhandling them with stampedes in the market. She made full use of her heavy body. I just imagined what will be my condition if she jumps on me.

Spider man took me over and turned me into the king of jumps and crawling. I took the help of PVC pipe to climb to that girl’s room. Instead, I landed into their bathroom and I fainted when I saw someone bathing. It was her father. It took ages for me to regain my conscious. I was the macho man once again. Finally, I saw that dream girl of mine listening music. My dil went hmmmmm…!

I gathered courage to call her. But the moment I saw her mother at the entrance fighting with a ‘rickshaw wala’ and cursing him by using rubbish slangs and threatening him to just pick up and throw him away, I felt it will be better for me if I glance at my body first. I a boy of 53 kgs and she the iron lady of 100 and above, forced me to rethink about my decision to talk to that girl.

I simply slipped back to the ground. Walked away from her house. I see her in my dreams every night. I wait for her to come in my eyes.

Two years passed.

I had accepted the offer of that shoe polisher. I was an assistant to him. Finally I saw her coming out from the Metro. I just jumped up when I saw her. I was in a half pant with shoe brush in my hand and without even thinking for a moment just said..

“Do you have a map of your eyes? I got lost in it two years back.

Do you have a bandage? I fell in love with you.”

I was completely wet. I was in a hotel. Rather say a ‘dhaba’. No. no. no. not a customer, but a waiter! I saw my manager’s eyes. He seemed to kill me. He bashed me up.

That night I could not complete my dream but I am sure one day I will sleep to my fullest to see the end of my destiny......

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Jan 07, 2016
by: Baby of MN

Good work. Nice way to connect your creativity with bollywood and love.

Jul 26, 2010
that girl...
by: sneha.s.k.

I think you need to improve a lot as a writer, Manish. Couldn't quite connect to the story. Better luck next time!

Jul 19, 2010
a nice comedy romance
by: ashish

hey manish i have read your story and i feel it is a nice way to depict the love tragedy of a dhaba boy. good work. keep it up

Jul 18, 2010
by: Anonymous

hahahaha very funny......

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