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That Night

by Shilpa Desawale
(New Jersey, USA)

It was that one night that I still cannot forget
My head got lighter and I felt so different
In my same old car driving on same old street
Same old neighborhood looked like a picture perfect
Was a late cold night in Fall, but weather seemed great
Some shivers that lingered from the touch, now made me upset
A feeling peeked in, that vigor in me revolted against
That feeling was so evil that it despised rationale, and made everything look pleasant
My heart raced as they both fought a tensed fight
Quickly I bet everything on rationale before it was too late
Just then the feeling dragged me back to that incredible moment
Where the look in your eyes had sliced me open in two parts
I felt the slit passing slowly through my nerves, not missing even a single body part
You were shy but you came out stronger, your hold this time was much much different
You did not talk much, but your say was firmer and the desire was ardent
You raised the bar for yourself, for first time you expressed your want, in a manner that was fervent
If only you had done this sooner than later
I would have walked out of my own frozen sculpture
I looked back and rejoiced, long back over was that tensed fight
The winner was clear, but I realized that it was little too late to celebrate
Time passed and your courage was now a little shy to support your passion
Desires got traded in for something called obligation
But that fervor you started breezed past me, and left some traces
My half-melted pride hardened over time and covered their marks
Yet it was that one night that I still cannot forget
The night I spent with you watching the stars


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