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The Adventurous Excursion

by Soma Bose
(Pune, In dia)

It was my adventurous experience just five days before my sixteenth birthday when I attended the last school excursion cum camp near the premise of Kajiranga National Park.

As the final hour rang, our mentor instructed me along with my mates to pack up and we were ready to leave the place.

On the way, we stopped near a tunnel as the ground beneath our shoes felt shaken. About twenty feet away the image was not hazy, we discovered some black species were coming towards us. Facing other direction we started to run.

Hiding behind some long bushes, we tried to make sense of what we were looking at. With a repulsive mood we waited and discovered that the black demons were the elephants, they headed towards the tunnel to drink water.

All of a sudden, a small kid of a mother elephant fell into a narrow channel and it laid there. The small elephant was unable to stand up, mother and other elephants tried to drag the kid up with their trunks but failed. Within the moments,the mother elephant became wild and we felt that our bodies were trembling in fear.

After some time, the elephants departed the area and only the small one was laid alone in the tunnel.

Our mentor came out from the shadow of bushes, he moved toward the unfortunate little elephant. He looked down at the eyes of the elephant, tears were coming out with pain and agony. It was trumpeting but nobody remained to help him.

We were already late to reach home but our mentor informed the forest security force and we waited till they reached there to rescue the small elephant.

We were late but happy with our adventurous excursion.


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