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The Amorphous Blue Sky

by B.R.Nagpal
(Delhi, India)

The old man
sat in the middle of park
Laying before him
his spectacles, prayer book, coins
Towards his right
sprang up the thin-legged child, semi-nude
Towards his left
was a muscular boy, displaying lion
in his fancy dress
leaping up in merriment
holding a toy pistol

The grey-haired person
closed his eyes,
He was tight lipped, contemplated
over the gigantic drama of opposites
cosmic delusion or a spectacle
phantom, reality
Can there be
the working of Sat-Chit-Ananda?

The amorphous blue sky
revealed crystal bright spots
and the overarching clouds
black diagrams
while silvery white lines
were flowing towards infinite

The old man appalled
listened to his heart throbs
leaned upon his fortress of faith
He discerned
golden light pouring out bliss

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