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The Baby's Cry - Contd

by D K Chaitanya
(Srikakulam, India)

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"It's not the 'say' should you mention, rather 'implore'. So did I. But it's a male-dominated society, then."
"But now everything has changed," said the lad. "Hasn't it?"
"No. It's not. Or at least not in most of the villages. Still those are men who harass women. Still those are men who gang rape women. Still those are men who steal the freedom of women. Still those are men who kill the dreams of women."

Bharath was hushed. "But soon everything will change , mom," he said to himself.

Months had left behind. Ajay's wife Syamala was in the delivery ward. We all were waiting outside the ward. Bharath was also with us.
Ajay was moving like an oscillator, here and there, in the corridor. I knew what was running in his poor mind at that point of time.

Suddenly we listened a cry from inside. Afresh we couldn't guess whether it's a boy's cry or a girl's cry. But surely it's a baby's cry. This time a louder one. We all rushed into the ward. Anew it was a baby girl, who was smiling enormously. I turned to my friend. There was no life in his face. His expression was indescribable.

A moment later, Bharath strolled near to the bed where the wavering Syamala spread herself meekly.
"Aunty!" said the young lad deafeningly, so that all the people inside and outside the ward could lend their ears to him. "Changing doctor also didn't change your providence. It's again a girl's cry we listened. What shall you do? Ah! I have an idea. This time--you change your husband. And then if you give a baby boy, Ajay uncle will be so relieved and glad."

Everyone of us was flabbergasted for his words.
"What are you teaching us--the young generations?" the lad went on. "Where are we? Some people want to kill the baby within the mother's womb itself if it's a baby girl. Some people want to kill the dreams of the young girls. Some people want to kill the freedom of the women. And all the men want to dominate the women. It's not that the GDP growth alone makes us a developed nation, but also many other aspects too."

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