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The Balcony - contd

by Neha Kakde

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It was late at night; Kuku suddenly started making creepy noises. I rushed to the balcony to see whether he is alright. Kuku went flying to Daisy’s balcony and it seemed that he wanted to indicate something “What is he trying to show? Daisy had brought all her essentials along even if the men enter her house they won’t find anything. And where’s the watchman?” I doubted whether Daisy had locked her room properly. “Daisy, get up! Did you lock all the doors and shut the windows properly before leaving?” after questioning her, she thought for a while and responded with a soft voice “Adi, I’m not sure whether I had locked the cupboard properly. Shit! There were badges and photos of my Dad; I hope they don’t find it.” We were in dilemma, it wasn’t easy to go back and get those things back so I asked Kuku to go back and keep an eye around.

In the morning, I went to daisy’s place and saw that her room was in mess. Her cupboard was half opened, the badges and photos weren’t present also Kuku didn’t appear the whole night. I took Daisy to the police station for reporting the incident “Sir, someone had entered Ira’s house without any entry in the register as the watchman wasn’t there. The room was in a mess, they took some essentials from her cupboard and also my parrot is lost.” I explained but the inspector ignored and laughed “Parrot is lost, is this even a complaint? And where was Miss Ira when this happened?” Daisy narrated the whole story and the inspector stared at us. “Good! I must appreciate your story telling. You both wanted to have a live in relation so cooked up things. Even if I consider that someone invaded your house, but where is the proof?”

“There is no point talking to this retard, we have to do something by ourselves” I murmured and we left the police station. At the entrance, a car was been parked, I walked towards the driver and saw that it was Walter. “Oh! I heard that someone entered your girlfriend’s house or to be precise ‘Miss Daisy Thomas’s house’ daughter of my very close friend David Thomas. He was a very gentle and honest man, but you know what I hate too much of honesty. I don’t wish that the same thing happens to you Miss Daisy, it is better that you both stay away from me. And yes, your parrot is very brave. My friends told me that they tried to shoot him but it didn’t hit him rather my companions were injured so we had to trap him. Don’t worry, he is with us but if you’ll not take the complaint back by the evening, he’ll be dead.” Walter smirked and left.

“Adi, let’s go back to that inspector and take back our complaint. I don’t want to lose Kuku, I have already lost my father because of this devil and I don’t want Kuku to leave us. Please, let’s go back. Please.” Daisy requested and we cancelled our statement. The inspector was very happy when we took our statement back “Better late than never, finally you have taken the right decision. Thank you, you guys can leave.” As we were about to leave, one of the constable came running towards us and said “Sir, you have to fight against them. Here everyone is afraid of Walter because he is powerful and we are ordinary humans but I can help
you arrest him if he confesses the truth but we must have a plan.” We discussed in brief about how we’ll witness Walter in the evening “Okay! I hope everything is clear and let’s get started.” Daisy commented and we went back home.
It was 3:30 pm, we got ready to meet Walter, he had shared his location with us and we reached there by 4. The constable informed us that he had already adjusted CCTV Cameras at the corners of the wall and was hiding behind Walter’s farmhouse with some constables. “Welcome, Welcome, I got a call from the inspector that you canceled the complaint. We all were eager to meet you guys, no doubt Daisy you just like your father. He was also ready to give up when I threatened him about kidnapping you, within a minute he changed his mind and shot himself… People aren’t ready to accept things until you threaten them, right!” Walter told the truth “But where is Kuku? Set him free. We have done as you asked us to do. Give him back to us.” Daisy stated and I kept looking everywhere to get a glance of Kuku. Walter whispered something to a man standing besides and the man went to another room.

After a while, the man came out of the room with a box in his hand and kept it in front of the table. “Open it, your parrot is inside.” Walter added and we immediately opened the box. After holding Kuku in our hands, we checked whether they tried to harm him but there wasn’t a single scratch although the red colored feather was missing.

“He isn’t Kuku, what have you done to my Kuku? Where is he?” I questioned them anxiously. “He is a parrot, what else do you want now?” Walter defended himself but that made me furious “Just tell me where is he? Kuku had a red colored feather and the parrot you showed to us doesn’t have any. Tell the truth, Walter.” I caught the collar of Walter’s shirt and questioned him. “Stay away from me, or else Daisy will be killed.” Walter commanded “Remember, I told you the day when my people entered Daisy’s house and your Parrot created havoc. We tried to shoot him but unfortunately his only red colored feather withered away, sad isn’t it? He screamed a lot because of bleeding and then went unconscious. We kept him in the box and when my girlfriend came to know about it she took a good care. That Parrot is Kuku itself. You guys can leave now!”

I couldn’t control my tears, it was impossible for me to imagine what Kuku went through “I am sorry, Kuku. It was my mistake, I shouldn’t have asked you to go there. Forgive me, I loved the way you flaunted that feather. I am not going to forgive them.” I added and Kuku started crying. The whole incident was recorded in the camera and the Head of Police Department witnessed it, also the conversation was been recorded on my phone as an evidence. The ministers, inspectors and all other men related to Walter were arrested. The murderers of David Thomas were caught and were sentenced to death. The Police constables, Daisy, Kuku and I were praised with Bravery award. After this incident, a set of laws were implemented for Protection of Wildlife.

I told my parents about Daisy and we got engaged. Kuku lives with us and soon, he also found his soul mate. We all lived happily ever after.
The End

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