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The Buzzing Cupcake

by Radha Bantwal

(A Story for Young Kids)

Nani was busy in the kitchen. With a big wooden spoon in one hand the milk jug in the other, she stirred the batter in the mixing bowl. Seeing the baking tray beside the oven, Dan asked " Nani, are you baking something?" Nani smiled. "Yes, I promised you cupcakes today, didn't I ?". She poured the batter into each little cup and put the tray into the hot oven. Within minutes, out came a batch of cupcakes. "Let them cool down a bit. After ten minutes, when it will be four o'clock, you can take one," she said, as she went upstairs. Dan continued to play, keeping one eye on the clock and the other on the cupcakes.

Just then Golbully came buzzing in, looking for trouble. He decided to have some fun with Dan. Golbully made himself as small a a pea and waited. When the big hand on the clock crossed twelve, Dan knew that ten minutes had passed. He went to the table and reached for a cupcake. Just before Dan's fingers could touch it, Golbully got inside the cupcake and flew off the table with it.

Dan stared with open mouth as the cupcake circled above his head and slowly moved towards the door. "Hey!" he shouted and went after the cupcake. But the cupcake flew out into the backyard, making a strange buzzing noise. Out ran Dan, trying his best to catch the runaway cupcake. Golbully was enjoying himself, keeping just out of reach of Dan's outstretched hands. Round and round they both went. Dan jumped higher and almost grabbed the cupcake. But his foot bumped against a flowerpot and down he fell. "Ouch!" he cried as he tried to straighten himself and brush the leaves and mud off his face. Golbully laughed so hard that the cupcake shook like a jelly and went "Bam!" against the trunk of the coconut tree. The cupcake split wide open and crumbled into pieces. Golbully changed back into his own shape and buzzed off.

Dan continued sitting right there in the backyard, sobbing. Nani peeped out and came running. She picked him up, brushed down his clothes and kissed his tear-stained cheeks. As she was cleaning him up Dan wailed "That naughty Golbully buzzed off with my cupcake." Nani smilingly replied: "What an imagination you have! Here, take another". Dan gave Nani a big hug and bit into the yummy cupcake. He had forgotten Golbully for now.

The End

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May 30, 2012
by: Radha Bantwal

Thanks for your compliments.

May 26, 2012
by: BV


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