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The Canoeist

by Shreesham Pandey
(Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India)

The canoeist that sails to save his life and to master the incubus maneuvers

One has seen, been in a surface blown,
a dream that casts its canoeist
to the farthest channel, so beautiful!,
the window that stretches to the horizon.

One who has dined with the gazing stars,
until the sojourn stay ends, had never trained
to fake the process of dreaming and capering
each bit of life that has been at par.

One whose reign that hides countless treasures
and whose breaths parade to show the hard sails
and stop looking at the sand and tides,
and say goodbye to the wailing, and bow to the master.

That one maneuvers and moves the tormenting gambits and hails his highs.


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Aug 22, 2021
Amazing portrayal and fluent lyrics
by: Samuel Adam

The amount of perfection exhibited in particular stanzas is highly appreciated. The connection of words to the real-life possession of character was what I liked the most to read. Respect and kudos!

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