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The Charade of Masked Friends

by Brundha Reddy
(Bangalore, India)

I lived, once upon a time.
Then, sorrow was a crime.
Happiness was found in the mundane
And incapable I was, of feeling pain.
All my friends stood beside me.
As is,everything would just be.

Few were my questions,
Hidden were my expressions
But every gear was in place.
Every stranger I did embrace.
I played my part in the show,
Timely I felt the spotlight’s glow.

Then one day I felt a mighty blow,
Another step I could not go.
Everyone stepped back
I wondered what I lack.
People who had parts of my soul
Didn’t bother to stop and console.

My love walked on without a care.
I had cared far more than I should dare,
I had been benign far too long.
Carelessly I had fallen in the throng.
I reached out to all those I loved
But none lent a hand ungloved.

I pulled myself up all alone
The truth was finally known.

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Dec 17, 2014
by: sakina

A good poem expressing harsh reality

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