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The Chennai killings

by Ghazala Anjum
(Bangalore, India )

Title: The Chennai killings
Author: Chital Mehta

My rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

CID officer Vikram is assigned a case of a woman brutally murdered in broad daylight. The case is open and shut, the killer is obvious but what he doesn’t know is that this case is opening pages from his past when his sister was murdered. As he looks for clues and moves one step closer to the killer, it also takes him one step closer to finding out what happened to his sister three years ago. There is no connection between his sister’s case and this one, or is there?
The story is told from multiple POV’s incorporated as per the need of the book. It’s not continuous, but alternates between past and present.
The writing is fluid and easily understandable. The author has done a good job in maintaining the suspense quotient. For me though, by one fourth of the book, I had a list of suspects on my own and a few pages later, I knew the ending and the culprit, I only read forward to see how and if I am right.😁 The character of Sandhya and Anusha are well written compared to others. The in-depth exploration of these two women's psyche made the book all the more interesting.👀
The author’s effort shows and she has done a commendable job. If you a thriller fan and a beginner in reading, you ought to pick up this book.😊

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