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The Conversation That Never Ended

by Sangeetha Rathore
(Indore, India)

I looked at the stars with sombre silence; they chuckled at me by shining brighter.
The rage in my eyes, queried the why and what of their demeanour.
You cannot laugh at the distraught in this manner.
They quipped, I fretted.
I have lost the love of my life, I am all alone.
You are always in a constellation, lonesomeness is aching.
The stars shined brighter.
Your whining makes me cackle, being in love is like paradise on earth they said.
Individual changes, but love remains the same
Stay gratified and take pleasure in the tranquility
Don’t you grasp, being lonely is idyllic?
I long to shine alone, there is beauty in solitude
I own my thoughts, battle my mêlée
I own no one, no one possesses me
I laugh at you mortal, for you are vexed till eternity.
Happiness is a distant dream, for you have canopied the apparent
Daylight set in, curtailing the tête-à-tête.
I will return for we are not done yet…..


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