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The Convocation - contd

by Ashwini Parmar
(Glendora, USA)

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Why is the salary figure becoming the news? Why not the position or even better, the accomplishments of these graduates a few years down the road? I hardly read any news about the IIM graduates who turn their company around and make it successful. Why? Because we live in a society where the definition of success has narrowed down to materialistic wealth.

Today is a good day for you to introspect and think what you really want to accomplish in your life. Mr. Barack Obama says that focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. Underline the word solely here. There is nothing wrong with making more money, either for your company or for yourself, but that shouldn't be the first goal, that shouldn't be the only goal. I have always believed that the money, that comes as a byproduct of the work you love, is the best kind of money.

This is the IIM, Indian Institute of Management, M stands here for Management, not Money. Do not limit yourself just by aiming for more money. You are capable of achieving much more than that. You have the capability to change the nation for better. As an IIM graduate, the world is looking at you for the solution to the problems of the business world. Be a role model to the rest of the world, not only in finance management, resource management, quality management, but also in change management, time management, people management, skills management and stress management. Put your degree to work and make it count. - Kajal stopped for a moment and ended her speech by saying-

I am glad I could share my thoughts with you today. I cannot wait to hear the news of your accomplishments. Now go out there and make us proud ! ''

The entire auditorium was filled with cheers and applaud.

Shivam recalled that Kajal came from a wealthy family and never really cared about money. She always talked about the quality of resources in life and Shivam always talked about the quantity. They never really argued about it but each of them was aware about the other's view on this.

Shivam tried to shake off the thoughts of Kajal and their relationship from his mind. He had prepared his speech but could not recall a single word of that speech. He was just mesmerized by Kajal, her persona and her speech. As if he was falling for her all over again and she was a completely different Kajal.

He walked towards the microphone and began his speech by saying:

"There is nothing left to say for me after Kajal's speech. I can call her by her first name because she was my junior in this institute. I would just compliment and complement her speech by adding a story which I heard from one of my dearest friends a long time ago.

There was a man who couldn't sleep at night. He was poor and couldn't afford to buy a bed and a mattress so he used to
sleep on the floor. One time he saw this beautiful mattress on display in a store and thought if he gets this mattress, he would be able to sleep. He prayed to God for that mattress. After a few years, he was wealthy enough to buy that mattress. That day he was very happy. He told himself- 'Finally tonight, I will be able to sleep peacefully.'

He lied down on the mattress and tried to fall asleep, but he couldn't. The expensive mattress had no positive impact on his sleep whatsoever. He complained to God and God replied by saying- 'Well, you never asked me for sleep, you asked for the mattress.'

The moral of the story is we often get confused about what we really want in life, so do our customers. First, learn to have a clear vision, in your personal and professional life. And secondly, do not give your customers an expensive mattress when, what they really want, is sleep. You will be able to fool them once but will lose them forever. Remember this story because it guides you in your personal and your professional life.

I congratulate all of you for your extraordinary achievement today and look forward to hear about more of your success stories. - Shivam ended his speech hurriedly just so he can get more time to talk to Kajal.

He waited to speak to Kajal after the convocation. Some of the students came up to her and Shivam and kept them busy for a while. He saw Kajal leaving when he was still talking to one of the students. He excused himself and rushed to Kajal.

Hey Kajal, Leaving already? - Shivam caught her just in time.

Yea, I have a flight to catch. - Kajal stopped to talk to him.

I see. How have you been? It's been so long. - Shivam said.

Yes. I've been great. How about you? - She was courteous but indifferent.

Shivam was taken aback a little by her indifference. It was like he never knew this Kajal before. - 'I've been good too. I just can't believe that you are the same girl I went to college with.'

Kajal smiled and looked at him for a second. She took a long breath before speaking and said - That's because, in college, you were unobservant and I was stupidly-in-love. Now, you are observant and I am wise.

Shivam laughed, knowing exactly what she meant, and said: There is one thing that didn't change about both of us.

What's that? - Kajal asked quietly.

You are still good at conveying your emotions and I am still bad at it. - Shivam said looking in to her eyes. Shivam could tell Kajal wanted to say something but just nodded in response.

There was a long pause between them before Kajal said- 'I should get going. I don't want to miss that flight.'

'Sure. It was great to see to you after so long Kajal.' - Shivam said hoping he would never run in to her again.

Yes, it was. - Kajal said as she turned to leave.


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Jun 19, 2015
Thanks Swatee
by: Name

Thanks Swatee.

May 06, 2015
by: Svatee

Awesome Story..Couldn't stop reading till the end.

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