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The Cracked Macallan - contd

by Sebin Mathew
(Nallasopara (W), Palghar, India)

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Back at the police station early next morning “Yes doctor. Thank you very much.” I put the receiver down. “It’s the same poison.”
“Sir I am still confused. You said you deduced the murderer.”
“Yes, let’s go by my theory and start at the beginning. Our first victim had realized he was going to lose the case so he decided to end his life by drinking poison.”
“I believe he wanted to prove to the world what kind of person Hari really is and hoping that his action might just overthrow Hari after all.
But our second victim, the smart one, hadn’t realized he was actually winning the case. So he goes to his house when he is alone and murders him with the victims own gun, unaware that he was actually dying in the first place. And being smart and confident that he is, he skillfully erases all clues and even puts Vijay’s fingerprints of both hands mind you, on the gun. At this proud moment is where he lost the game.”
“He decides to reward himself by making himself a drink, special drink, the rare 64 year old Macallan scotch.”
“But sir is that the bottle we found in Hari’s place? How did it reach there?”
“Yes, that’s simple; he took it with him as his prized possession. You see it’s no ordinary scotch. Mr. Vijay had won it in an auction 7 years ago for a charity at a whopping $ 4, 64,000. It’s one of a kind. It was all over the news then. If you would have noticed the crystal bottle had a crack near its opening with a small
portion of the glass missing and exposing the sharp edge. The moment you pull out the top you are bound to cut your finger, and so I believe that the crack was also formed recently. Maybe Vijay had dropped it. Anyway the same fresh wound was found on the index fingers of both our victims. So it implies that after killing Vijay he laid his eyes on the bottle and desired to have a drink. But unfortunately cut his finger and in his confidence decided to rather take the prized scotch with him and enjoy it in his own comfort. Only he didn’t know that Vijay was planning a suicide with the poisoned scotch.”
“But is it not possible that Hari always had that scotch and Vijay drank some other brand?”
“You are right. Hence I got it verified by the doctor. The rare properties of the liquor made it a match in both the victims’ autopsy reports along with traces of the same poison and also the wounds on the fingers were fresh and similar in nature. I even went through some old news paper records.”

I typed few words on the computer “Mr. Vijay had given an interview few weeks back about his plight and as you can see in this photograph clearly behind Mr. Vijay on the shelf is the Macallan.”
“You see Ajay; its natures well played karma. What goes around does comes around.”
“It’s brilliant sir. But why did Mr. Vijay poison the whole bottle and not just his glass?”
“Well I guess that only Mr. Vijay can answer.”

The fact that 64 Year old Macallan though real, is used in this story only for fictional purpose

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