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The Daughter

by Svatee Bedi

Priyanka took the baby girl in her arms from the father-Harsh, who was an old friend. The baby smiled at Priyanka. Priyanka looked around the room.

Everyone was in a mournful state. She looked at Neeta, whose body was lying on the floor covered with a white sheet.

The wind blowed and unveiled Neeta’s face. Her face was calm and peaceful. Priyanka looked towards Neeta for a moment.

Her friend, Harsh came forward.
“Priyanka, I know you are a good mother. Please take my daughter with you and raise her like you have raised your son.”

Priyanka was at a loss of words.
Harsh kept on insisting her.
Priyanka looked towards Harsh and agreed.
She took the baby home with her. Her 4 year old son, Arnav was happy to see the baby. Her husband, Vineet was shocked on seeing the baby and hearing everything.
“How can you bring someone else’s child to this house?”
“Look at her Vineet, she is such a darling and her mother is no more.”
“Your friend Harsh has parents and other family members too.” Vineet was getting really furious.
“Vineet, Harsh believes that I can take care of this baby well as I have taken care of our son,Arnav.” Priyanka tried explaining calmly.
“Ok, do whatever you want to. I am not going to accept this baby as my daughter.”

Harsh went out of the room in a state of complete anger.

He fought with Priyanka every day, and was not ready to accept the baby.

Arnav used to play with the baby every day and even his friends used to come to the house to see and play with the baby.

There were times, when the baby used to cry constantly, but Vineet never looked at her. He ignored the wails of the baby completely.
Whenever the baby cried, he would either start doing some work or watch the television, blaring at a loud volume.

Priyanka didn’t like the attitude of her husband. She knew in her heart, that he was a caring person. She was waiting for the day when he would accept the child.

One day, Vineet’s friend Atul came to the house. He picked up the baby and started playing with her.

Priyanka was in the kitchen preparing tea for them. Suddenly, Vineet asked Atul to leave the house and give the baby to him. Priyanka came outside on hearing the commotion.
“How dare you touch her, she is my daughter.” He said.

Tears welled up in Priyanka’s eyes and she gave a smile on hearing his words.

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Jan 11, 2018
by: Yashshri Bhavsar

Preying on darkest fear, showcasing the disturbing realities of human lives,trying to find peace and happiness. Nice plot and well written.

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