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The Deception

by Geetashree Chatterjee
(New Delhi)

She drew a beckoning line bordering the lashes,

Picked up the long, dark stem

With the wet, silken bristles at the end

Stroked lovingly the frills fringing

Those bottomless pools of intoxicating dreams

Which enchanted the masses

A pinch of earthy shade to shadow the lids

The pallor of her contours heightening

The dark depths of her glazed peek

A subdued patch of shell pink on the high cheek bones

And a deep rosy tint to highlight the much coveted pout

A pair of gold ringlets tantalizing the delicate ear lobes

A crop of shining mane with strands of bleached brown

Playing hide and seek in light caressed the curves of her shoulders round

A crystal winked seductively on the hollow of her neck

The shimmering, scarlet, satin hugged the twig of her frame so well

A platinum plated bracelet entwining her fragile wrist

The glinting ruby on her finger sang with a matching lilt

A pair of soft leather encased the dainty ankles

?A slender stalk in a glass vase, a bouquet of lyrical musings?

Had once gushed a nobody in ardent admiration

She elegantly shrugged away the thought in vague recollection.

The thin blood vessels were almost invisible in the whiteness of her eyes

For a slim slice of a second she stood staring at her visage

A frosty smile waved across the cold, barren landscape

The pretty picture of deception was complete in all its fakeness

She stretched her arms to snatch away the pearl encrusted clutch

Swaying across the floor she reached the door and looked back

One last hasty glance to make herself sure

Whether the craft-work of grease and paint

Had well camouflaged the scars of the night before

She could hear the impatient crowd waiting for her outside

Hurried steps left the room and reached the foyer at once

To be engulfed by a horde of shutterbugs and crazy fans

But not before she had coyly blinked into the mirror twice

The charmer, the temptress, the angel from paradise

Oh yes it was perfect! Went absolutely undetected!

Under the sparkling layers of powdered and glossy poise

The hideous slashes of lust and vice were so cunningly disguised

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May 15, 2011
by: Rakhi Dhawan

Simply loved the way you used color to portray the persona of the girl..all minute details.. along with the tremendous flow of her hidden have the art..!! :)

Mar 17, 2011
by: Geetashree Chatterjee

The pleasure is completely mine! Thanks for reading and appreciating.

Mar 17, 2011
An opulent vision
by: Louise Ingle Tschabuschnig

Dear Poet,
your plume shapes this scene in a fascinating balance between external and inner details. You give color and glances and make this scene alive, to the eyes of the reader, every time more. It is a visionary poem which left me with just one question: tell me more.

Feb 26, 2011
Beautiful rendition
by: Tanuja

You are a master craftsman of poetry. Wow, what a way of expression! Just loved it. Why don't you compile them in a book form! You are blessed and so are we...'coz we follow your work of art with great zeal.

Feb 01, 2011
Thanks Isabel
by: Geetashree Chatterjee

I am indebted to you for your appreciation and encouragement

Jan 26, 2011
a great...
by: isabel

You are one master poet, always amazed with your work. We are lucky to be the recipient of that great talent, for we have the chance to read and enjoy them. Thank you for sharing!

An avid reader,

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