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The Dog and His Master

by Pravia K Nagaraj

La,la,la,la singing a song I started off my day with strolling. Strolling around gives me great pleasure. This is a leisure time hobby for me. While strolling around I find new attractive, good or bad activities happening around.

This is one such incident that happened ...

One day it so happened that while I went for a walk, a brand new car, which was silver colored and looked very elegant, came and stood in front of a Super Market nearby. The owner of the car who was driving it, with polarized glasses, got down of his car gracefully. He bid adieu to his pet "Labrador Retriever" dog and went into the super market with one of the window glasses left open.

The dog, who was light brown in color with his tongue out, jumped from his front seat to the back seat, and put his head out and sat waiting for his master.

It was a good experience to see this. But however, the dog got bored after some time. It started to bark at the passers by. However, a poor guy who didn't realize the situation of the animal just walked nearby to the vehicle.

Suddenly the dog just jumped barking and bit his hand rudely.

The man writhe in pain moved away from the vehicle. He moaned and sat in front of the Supermarket. The passers by rushed to him to know as to what exactly happened? The man who was in no mood to explain just cried in pain. After some time people supported him and started off with yelling at the owner who had left the animal all alone.

Hearing the yelling of people around and overhearing about a dog bite, the owner rushes towards his car to find out what was happening.

As soon as the owner approached his car people grew more and more angry.

One among the group yelled, "What a master are you? When you know your dog bites people, you were not supposed to leave him all alone like this?"

The dog sadly watched the happenings.

The owner of the car, who seemed to be a soft spoken person,
slowly tells -"I am sorry, But I have never heard such complaint of my dog biting people before."

The crowd became very violent to his statement.

The people as though envious of the man started off with their usual tactics-"These rich people never care for the poor ones, they are very careless. They do their work and never worry about others."

Hearing these words, the master of the dog replied- "I'm sorry to tell. You are trying to divert the matter. I am ready to take the person to the nearest hospital, and I'd bear all the expenses."

Hearing these words, the crowd slightly cooled down.

But surely there was a person who grew frightened with this offer.

That is none other than the person who was bitten by the dog. He now doesn't even dare to walk or crawl near the car. In that situation how can he imagine himself traveling in the car with the dog sitting inside?

He openly tells- "What? Do you want to kill me? How can you imagine that I will accompany you to the hospital in your car when the dog is around?"

Hmm! This made the crowd and the car owner think for a while.

However, the car owner tries his best to convince the man. "The dog will be a good one from now. It will not hurt him."

After huge discussions, the man gets convinced and accompanies him to the nearest hospital and gets his treatment done.

The man then thanks the car owner for giving him the best treatment and also complains that he lost his half a day's payment because of this incident.

Hearing this, the car owner readily gives the man some money as a compensation. But the man who was good in heart tells- "No, Thank you. However, I liked your love for your dog. Please give the animal some food. May be it wanted to accompany you when you went inside the supermarket."

The owner says-"Yes, it's true. It is used to roam around with me wherever I go."

The duo have some casual talks and leaves the hospital happily thanking each other.


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