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The Dreamcatcher - contd

by Dr. Adyasha Acharya
(Bhubaneswar India)

The Dreamcatcher - Page 1

The next weekend, Lilly attends the class with her grandmother. Liam and I kept in touch throughout the whole week. He sent me his selfies and video clips from the studio.

“What are we making today?” Katy asks me.

“A dreamcatcher,” I reply trying not to get distracted by Liam’s absence. He said he will be here and he hasn’t texted since yesterday night.

“What is that?” Dan questions curiously.

“It helps to capture good dreams and keeps away nightmares for us to sleep peacefully at night,” I explain.

I teach the kids step by step how to make one while wondering where is the man I promised to gift one of the same today.

The clouds rumble outside indicating that it is going to rain heavily today. “Kids, I think we all should continue this tomorrow. If you don’t go home now, it’ll rain and you can’t then. Let’s get your parents.”

A gust of wind blows in through the open window and all the papers get scattered around the floor. “My dreamcatcher,” Lilly screams as her half made dreamcatcher is carried by the wind to outside. She starts to cry. “I’ll get bad dreams now and no good ones.”

“No, Lilly,” I console her. “We’ll make another one.”

It starts pouring down heavily which makes Lilly cry even more. “Bad things always happen to me.”

Those words break my heart. I hurry downstairs to find Lilly’s dreamcatcher outside. I am not sure if it would still be here. At least it was only the thread part so it wouldn’t have gotten wet.

I find it on the roadside. A car comes through the route and I rush to pick it up before it can get trampled. I grab it just as the car passes by.

A strong hand wraps around my waist before my foot slips and catches me from falling. “You came in this storm to save a dreamcatcher?” Liam shouts worriedly.

“It is Lilly’s,” I say over the sound of the rain.

“You could have been hurt.”

“I didn’t. You saved me.”

“No you saved us. You will be the one to keep Lilly’s bad dreams away. You are the dreamcatcher.”


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