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The Dying Sun

by Krishnasree Dayanidhi
(Bangalore, India)

Somewhere in between these french skies they lay motionless,
she turned to look at him for the one last time,
the Peach trees and the autumn leaves hid his face away
the setting sun flashed on his face for the one last time.
It was her last wish to never forget What they had,
and to never let go of the hand he had held.

The life in her was becoming faint with every passing moment,
she knew the time had come.
she wondered, would every moment we shared be forgotten?
How could so much love die so soon?
will the space we shared hold our memories?
Will the sound of our voices die in this space ?
How will I find my way back to you?
will we ever know what we had?
these questions drenched her soul in pain.

clenching her damp eyelids with tears rolling down her face,
she wanted to hold on to every memory she had of him,
not in a hundred years not in a single moment did she want to be a thought away from him,
she was in love for the one last time.

As she left she carried a soul drenched in love,
she left him with all that she had.
All that she saw was the unspoken words of their love.
Drowning into this mystically beautiful silence around them
she saw the fog disappearing into a magical aroma of love
carried by the gentle breeze at dusk.

As the serine light of dusk faded away into the deep autumn woods he held her hand and said,
"Every step I took beside you made a promise of a lifetime and beyond.
The only path I live through is the one I take with you.
Forever beyond life, beyond death, I will love you.

much beyond these french rivers
we will see each other in another time, in another world,
with different eyes as different people,
with the undying love we have for each other.

Every dusk brings a promise of a new dawn,
today we wave a goodbye as the autum sun sets
tomorrow we will shake hands in spring.

The sound of our voices will eco in these alps,
Every autumn leaf that lay over us will tell our story,
Each wave that cracks on the seashore will bring us back to the heart we lost."

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