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The Euphoria

by Neha Singhal
(Ahmedabad, Gujarat)

Good morning!! my pumpkin, my laddoo, my jalebi get up, it's wake up time. "No let me sleep" saying this Arisha turned to the other side of the bed and hid her face with pillow.

Me: Get up baby you are getting late for the school.
Arisha: Enough of going to school. I need a break.
I stayed mouth open when I heard these words from her. She was just six and she wanted to have a break!!?? When I was at her age, I din't even know to dress up myself properly.

"This is what we call a generation gap..." saying this Ajay giggled at me. I gave a cold shoulder to his comment. Hearing her father's voice Arisha removed the pillow, got up and hugged Ajay. I was looking at them in surprise when Arisha said "Don't give us these looks mumma."

Me: Aahh Whatever! Get ready for your school.
Arisha: But mumma, I don' t want to go to school.
Me: Then what do you want?
Arisha: An outing.

I looked at her. Her face was full of naughtiness and she was moving her eyebrows up and down. I had a good laugh and hugged her.
Me: Done. We will plan but as of now you get ready for the school.
Arisha: Yippeee!!! and give me pasta in lunch.

Me and Ajay both laughed and enjoyed her chirpiness.

After spending another busy day we were finally in bed. Arisha was sleeping in my lap. Ajay was checking out his Facebook when he said "I also need a break. Let's plan for an excursion".
I looked at him with sparkling eyes and with joy filled smile I said "Woww... it will be fun."

Ajay: So this time also we are going to a hill station or we can check out some other place.
Me : Of course a hill station where else? That is the best place to relax.
Giving a witty smile he asked "Where?"
Me: Shimla
Ajay: Ok mam, project Shimla is on.

I knocked at Aniket's cabin. "May I come in."
Aniket: Oh Richa! Good u came, I was about to call you. Come sit.

I entered and took a chair. Aniket was my boss. Considering his lovely nature I gave him the name "Sadu". Getting leaves approved by him was not less than climbing a Mt. Everest.

Aniket: Before I forget, let me tell you that buyers are expected after three weeks. So, we need to get our designs ready and...." He carried on with his long list of work.

My mind started chanting with so many thoughts. I could imagine his burning face on seeing my leave application.
Looking me a little distracted he asked "Any problem?" (about which he was least bothered)
Me: Actually, I want to take leaves in the upcoming week.
I handed over my leave application to him.
"Leave for four days? He said with his heart in his mouth as if I have asked for his kidneys.

Reading my application he said "Aha going to Shimla! Great place, but, what will you do there for four days?"
Me: Not four
actually six days. We will leave on Friday evening.

He took a pause and stared at me for a second. I enjoyed his hopeless looks.

Aniket: This is what I want you to understand. Don't waste your leaves. Shimla is not too far from Delhi. You leave on Friday, come back by Sunday and attend office on Monday.
Me: Why would I waste my fuel for just touching that place. It sounds better to waste my leaves.
He gave me finicky looks and approved my leaves with a heavy heart.

Shimla's beauty can't be expressed in words. The sight of beautiful mountains covered with pine, deodar and oak trees was a delight. The air was very refreshing. I wanted to inhale as much as possible. (of course any Delhiite would do that).

The view from our hotel room was amazing. Dense forest, deep valleys and cloud touching mountains complemented with the mild aroma of burning wood in the chullahs of the small huts nearby. That was simply breathtaking.

After getting fresh we enjoyed our meal sitting in the garden admiring the beauty of nature. Arisha was running all through the garden. Ajay loves photography and Arisha was his favourite model all the time.

In the evening, we had a walk at the Mall Road enjoying the cold breeze alongwith an ice cream. The sight of the city from the ridge was fascinating. I just fell in love with Shimla. Our chatter box Arisha was fully charged. She had so much to talk about her teachers, friends, her favourite cartoons, favourite songs... We had a wonderful time.

It was a long and lively day. After dinner we were in our room. Arisha and Ajay were already slept. But, there was no sleep in my eyes. I made a cup of coffee for myself from the pouches available in the room. I sat in the balcony and started taking sips of my coffee. I heard some music from one of the hut near our hotel. It was some himachali song which added to the flavour of my coffee. That aura was magical. I slipped down on the chair, closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Someone pecked on my cheeks. I opened my eyes, it was my Angel.

Me: Good morning Princess
Arisha: Good morning mumma

She slipped into my shawl and fits herself in my lap. I hugged her tightly.
Arisha: Why you slept here?
Me: Because your dad was snoring aloud.

She laughed. Both of us were silently enjoying each other's company admiring the view from the balcony. Ajay also joined us. We relished our cups of masala tea watching the beautiful sunrise behind the mountains.

It was a fabulous trip. We captured many more pleasing memories and moments which added to our album of life.

Life is like a blank canvas. The more colours we add to it the more beautiful it will look. Sometimes, black colour takes the hold over others for a while, but, the stars could be seen only in the night. Why to waste the time in strife when we all know "We will not get another life".


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Sep 19, 2017
Marvelous family story
by: Dr T Paramasivan

I was so impressed with the substance of the story. You are someone to the world but you are the world for someone. Mother daughter affection. Was well narrated. Looking forward for more stories from the author. Well done.😢

Sep 18, 2017
Red hot
by: Your Name: KG

Thus is simply hearfelt story and giving a red hot experience.. keep it up

Sep 17, 2017
Truth of life
by: Nidhi Aggarwal

In a busy life, we don't get time to even socialize with our family. An outing revives that charm. This story clearly is a picture of today's life.

Sep 15, 2017
Lovely Story
by: Ashok Vaid

This is yet another lovely story depicting the reality of today's life style. The flow of the story is natural and absorbing and appears to be a real experience of any common man's family. The psychology of the child has also been well brought out. A matured writer is in the making. Keep writing. All the best.

Sep 15, 2017
Very Good !
by: Virendra Gupta

Very Good !

Sep 15, 2017
Lovely piece of art
by: Sudipta Dutta

Lovely one dr. Liked it.

Sep 14, 2017
by: Your Name: Aditya

Excellent story...

Sep 14, 2017
Mesmerizing oneπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
by: Your Name:Reema Mehta

Superb narration very relatable and real description of the facts. Well done my sweetheart, you have a bright future ahead. My heartist wishes to you. May you get enormous success in this venture of writing.

Sep 14, 2017
Good one
by: Your Name:Jyoti

Luvly write-up Neha.Enjoyed reading.Lukin frwrd to d next one

Sep 14, 2017
Excellent Flow of Thoughts
by: Vijay Kapur

Appreciate your visualisation of day to day activities Reflection of your emotional aspects of your personality. Congratulations

Sep 14, 2017
by: Anjali

Cutest story n very refreshing.

Sep 14, 2017
by: Your Name:aayushi vaid

Amazing storyteller, brings out the real on her wprds....

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