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The Favourable Time - contd

by Sangeeta Saha
(Kolkata, India)

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After three years of marriage the cream of their love was turning sour. One day it crossed the limits.
It was the farewell party of Dipti, Mukti’s friend, who was going to do MD FRCS at Pittsburgh University in neurology. In the party Mukti seemed lost and on the way home she asked Aman, “Can’t both of us move abroad, do further studies and settle there?”
“Oh never! When I opted to take medical science as my career I vowed to serve the poor people of our country that too free of cost if needed,” Aman said reluctantly.
When they returned home Mukti’s mood was
agitative towards Aman.
“So here you are, Dr. Aman Rahman, always reluctant, fully satisfied with your small surgeries in small hospitals. Nothing to worry about a better option, a better career. Happily boozing with friends and then snoring in bed,” Mukti said in a hostile attire.
“So what is your plan, Dr.Nair. I’ve been watching you quite for sometimes and I always find you in depressed moods,” Aman’s fun mood was disturbed.
“That’s because I’m not an aimless, low ambitious person like you. I had a dream, and it was about to get fulfilled when I married you like an emotional fool!”Mukti paused a moment, then said, “I wanted to do FRCOG in obstetrics and gynecology in the Royal College of London,” Mukti’s voice cracked in a sob.
“Then what do you wait for. Go back to your rich cynical Dad and fulfill your dreams. I haven’t chained you up. You were the one who came running to me to get rid of the eclipses of your life, you remember. You better go back to your beloved Dad who once abused me and my family. And you, his beloved daughter couldn’t live a single day with my parents,” Aman’s voice revealed his frustrations.
“Your parents! They are so inconsiderate and conservative. And your sisters are so jealous and out spoken. It was not my one sided fault that I could not adjust with them,” Mukti was furious.
“Oh well, then it’s decided that you
are going back and continue with your higher studies abroad,” Aman snapped with a tight jaw.
Next morning Mukti was gone.
It was almost one year that Mukti and Aman did not communicate with each other. Mukti was in London, her dream destination, busy with her research and Aman joined cardiologist Dr. Somesh Tripathi doing his MD course. Aman had special interest treating children with congenital heart disease. He was also expert in performing critical surgeries. One day he got a special call from Dr. Tripathi to assist him for a critical heart surgery case at Apollo hospital. Aman got a jerk when he saw the patient in the OT. It was Surya Bhushan Nair, his father in law, lying helplessly unconscious on the operation table. He had a massive heart attack with two malfunctioning valves. He was also diabetic with high cholesterol level. Aman and Dr. Tripathi had to cope with the situation very cautiously to overcome the risk factors of his other ailments. Aman was a universal donor and didn’t hesitate to donate his blood when required. It took more than five hours to finish the operation successfully.
That evening Aman got a call from Mukti.
“Amu, I want to come back and be with you and our family. Now I have realized that it is the family that matters beyond anything in our lives,” Mukti sounded emotional.
“No dear, you must complete your studies, fulfill your dreams. I shall be so proud to have you as my wife. But I will wait till that time comes. The favourable time to start our life afresh, with more maturity, more tolerance and more perseverance,” Aman sounded so serious, so caring may be for the first time in his life.
“Just wait another year dear, you will get a new life partner, more indulgent, more compatible and more understanding,” Aman’s voice was caressing Mukti.
She was eager to lean on his reliable shoulder like the old times. Aman was self satisfied, happy to wait for his long lost love. With a sigh of relief he kept the phone in the pocket close to his heart.

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Jan 26, 2019
Relatable and true-to-life
by: Rohini

Such a wonderful read. Completely justifies the short-story topic for the month.
Looking forward to your upcoming works.

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