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The Four Little Kids

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India)

The four little kids who played in vein,
With gadgets of scrap just near the drain,

They played a tune like a band,
A symphonic orchestra took its stand,

They were yellow red black and blue,
While the three play tunes the fourth danced through,

There noses needed cleaning but none cared,
Nothing made them fumble not even that I stared,

They stood their playing the tune dutiful,
The parade not uniformed looked beautiful,

I was amazed an onlooker wondering what made them stay,
Answered the sky sun, moon, water and clay,

They weren't made of silk and gold,
They were children of the nature made of heat and cold,

They were the kids who were healthy and wise,
They were close to nature and were kind and nice,

Those four kids were not rich not trendy,
But more than this they were merrier and healthy,

They held the riches of the million stars,
The river banks were their luxury bars,

They played on ground didn't need a station,
They loved the soil and were proud of the nation,

The parade ended with the national anthem,
We all stood straight and they sang without a tantrum,

There was pride in their eyes for this country's song,
Never did i see a literate get along,

Never did I see a respect so dear,
They were poor in money but their love was clear,

Love for nature love for nation love for each other,
They bonded better than any sister or brother,

That drama stole my heart and made it sink,
Not for a minute did my eye blink,

I saw amazed with some happiness some pain,
Those four little kids who played near the drain...


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Sep 20, 2018
Thank you
by: Your Name:

Thank you😇🙏

Sep 19, 2018
Beautiful poem....
by: Ritu sama

Liked the simplicity and depth at the same time

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