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The Grave

by Karthika G S
(Trivandrum, Kerala, India )

What else was this day looking forward to, I didn't know. I am falling in a dark quagmire of not knowing anything, my head is just a missed distant wave, falling in those rough sands of evening ocean.
Water all around, mighty deep with sparkles of sun tears. My brain sometimes inhabit an old man's hearty realm to push me down on the rat race of getting, reaching, finding, achieving and most of it consists consistently about rigorous success workout. Half my words, rumored as a lie, the other half sailed in the boat left, through the cold sea after evening sparks.

Though, I wonder where my past is trapped! Present looks morbid, sucked in by an effortless pull of grief,which I came to remember as a strange phenomenon.
Where am I stuck in? Where did all these grief come from, everything unanswered as it always seemed it to be.

I pulled out the bloody vein, murdered it with screaming sharp, words, I loathed for words to flood around the wooden floors,
Staying up and high, eaten by germs is my beloved heart.

Darkened eyes, as dizzy as a cold night, vigilant but suffering the stagnant poison drifts its venom all over the surface,breaking through the hidden shelters.


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