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The Greedy Cat

by Jayasudha Bhaskaran
(The Nilgiris,Tamilnadu,India)

It was a large cat which was black and white in colour.It was the pet animal of a poor farmer.The farmer loved the cat very much.He fed the cat with milk everyday eventhough he did not have enough money to buy milk.

One morning the farmer poured enough milk into a large plate and offered it to the cat.He placed the remaining milk inside a cupboard.The cat noticed the farmer placing the remaining milk inside the cupboard.The farmer then went to the farm to work.

The cat drank the milk at once .It was a greedy cat and it wanted to drink the remaining milk as well,eventhough its tummy was full.

The cat climbed up to the cupboard and it tried to reach the pot in which the milk was stored.The milk pot fell to the ground.The pot was broken and the milk in it was spilled.The cat climbed down and tried to lick the milk on the floor.But the milk was soon absorbed by the muddy floor.

The farmer came home in the afternoon to have his lunch.He was shocked to see the broken pot.He understood that his greedy cat was responsible for this.He punished the cat severely for its greediness.

MORAL:Do not be greedy


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