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The Harbingers of Spring

by Tanuja Chatterjee
(Kolkata, India)

Mother's Day has long gone by but I still wanted to write about her. "Maa" as we most often call her here in India. Mother is a mother be it yours or mine. Moreover, I believe she is that prime point from where every thing actually begins. All our past, present and future melts in her bosom. The most vital and indispensable being for any life form on earth, life time after life time.

As far as I can remember, I never celebrated one particular day of the year as a mother's day, as is the trend today. Perhaps, people of my generation, who are just about three or four decades young, would agree,that for us, each day had been a Mother's Day, which we celebrated on daily basis. With my disposition as a housewife, I actually have nothing conspicuous to offer her except the unfathomable treasures of my heart. Inconspicuous though, I determined to offer my gratitude to her through this extremely ordinary piece of writing. I am not a born writer and lack the jugglery of words too. All I write is straight from my heart which are simple thoughts put up in the simplest way I know. These are my own introspections and wish to tell her that this is how I feel "Maa"!

Mother is not a name of a relationship. She is the wonder.I see her as a huge tree,whose roots are deeply sunk in the firm firmament of life. With her arms like branches, widely spread out to embrace one and all with pure, deep and true love. She stands in grandeur, comforting and caring for all. She is the nurturer of dreams in us. Instilling inspiration and boundless hope to look forward to each bright dawn, with sheer optimism is her forte. To me, she is the creator, preserver and sustainer of our vibrant and dynamic life force.Values are the source of her own sustanence and lively gaiety which make her the most trusted and the most comforting being in our lives. Along with all encompassing goodness of her heart she is also the highest citadel of wisdom and learning. Her poise is the embodiment of her strength of character and high intensity wisdom, which bears the capacity to turn our each moment from grim to grand and to grandeur still. Clear thoughts bustle in her mind with gaze fixed at beyond horizon. This spectacular feature enables her to redeem us from many twists of fate. With her prudence, rationality,common sense and practical precision she works like a magician, transforming our aweful circumstances to hopeful ones. A fabulous schemer, she is seen to strategize, not for herself but for the sake of happiness of others, especially her children and the family. Always at the vanguard,alone, she quietly and patiently bears the brunt of horrendous storms of life, all by herself. Without any moment of respite, she struggles from dawn to dusk, so that we can warble freely.

I have not seen god. I don't know how god looks like either. In fact, I see no reason to even believe in god. I see her as my god.But for those who are truely god fearing surely see her as the next thing to god as well! To me, she is the medium who connects us with that ultimate universal force, called god. She bridges the gap between divinity and humanity. Helping our souls to discover the speech to speak to the listening heavens above.

As mother grows in age and as her strength begins to wane, it becomes imperative on our part to stand beside her, with strength, courage and confidence to assure her, how important she is for us and will remain our strength forever.It becomes our responsibility then to give full play to all those vibrant, magnetic, powerful and life sustaining energies that she chanalised in our lives, to lift up her sagging spirits, so that all the beauty, bounty and goodness remain her companion throughout.

As I fold away my thoughts, I say silently

"Thank You Maa,
For giving me this life and form
And making me-
What I am today!
Stay assured Maa,
You need not worry
For I am
Always there for you!"


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Jan 23, 2011
" har-bin-jer"
by: isabel

At first, i have to look for the meaning of this word "harbin-jer" as pronounced.

You have described completely what a mom meant to us all.

That is true, when you write something about life or anything about our significant others, you do not need a chest full of sophisticated words. Words straight from the heart are always fresh, honest and the best.

Occupied with new projects...and more, but little time to accomplish them all. Not to worry, will do it one step at a time and I know for a fact that tomorrow always come and it's never ending =)

Looking forward for more of your relevant and worthy creation. Immensely enjoyed reading them.

Jan 21, 2011
Thank You
by: Tanuja Chatterjee

Thanx for visiting Snehanjali! Hope you feel what I feel. If my writing makes sense and touches even one heart amongst billions,with joy and optimism then I'll think it was worth writing but if there is scope for inputs plz feel free to enlighten me.

Jan 21, 2011
the harbinger of life.... ma!
by: snehanjali

loved the article and most importantly the thought attached to it.. truly its not just about your mom or mine.. but rather about all mothers.. i love my mom! n i hope someday down the line my children would also say "i love my mom!"

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