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The Heart

by Gauri Sarang
(Bonn, Germany)

There once was a boy
who stole my heart
And then he broke it open
Like a walnut

He ate the flesh
And threw the shell
And my heart-once-upon-a-time sank into a trash pail

There once was a woman
She touched my heart
With eyes so kind
It could have been you

What once was my heart, bled that day,
At the sadness that lay in her gleaming smile

There once was a moon
It danced across a stars-drenched sky
The moon and its glory
The stars and their story
And my hungry eyes searching for you

There once was a me
Not quite right
Squat and short, and without much grace
Aching for love
Hungry for your touch
Searching for a moon in your cold cold eyes


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