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The Irony of Life

by Aakhya

Things tend to be ironical at times. Well, our life is. Now, if we think about it properly, we might think that all this is quite unfair; but, then who ever said that life is fair? People tend to blame all their misfortunes on fate. Because, fate can be as menacing as life itself. Isn't the proverb- 'Man proposes, God disposes' quite apt here? Let's see. A poor man is forced to starve due to certain conditions and a rich man starves himself in order to lose weight. A penniless person has to walk miles in order to reach his destination and a wealthy person on the other hand, walks miles to stay lean and thin. A poor man may be satisfied with a few quick bucks. on the other hand, a rich man can't satisfy his greed and hunger for more despite earning millions. A child running on the streets in dust and dirt, in bright daylight, is never deficient in Vitamin D. But, the pampered child, living in suburbs with wealthy parents and servants for his each and every whim is advised by the doctor to sunbathe to remove vitamin D deficiency.

Well… these are just a few of such instances.

‘Life can be a challenge
A challenge that can change
A person’s life in a unique way
Life is ironical, that we can say.’


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