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The Knot

by Enakshi Johri
(Bareilly, India)

Nine years is a long time
Together but still apart
Separated by distance
Tied through the heart
Waiting for this one day
When time will be ours

Walking down the aisle
With petals of rainbow color lying on the way
With people applauding and praising
Sending their verbal wishes down the lane
I saw you standing right across
Beaming and full of joys of spring
I realized that is where my heart lay.

Remembering the good old golden days
When college days seemed so interesting
Those long hours of talking
Those sleepless nights
With the hope to meet again.

Lights, love, happiness
My eyes looking for you
With drops of nervousness
Escaping my forehead
It was the time
The time of the knot
The knot of love and companionship
With you by my side
I blessed my lucky stars


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