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The Lady and Her Soft Skills

by Rimni Chakravarty
(Siliguri, India)

She is beautiful and elegant
She seems to be an angel, a saint
Qualified with triple master’s degree
She is like the Shelly's skylark carefree
She holds a PhD in soft skills
She can cool her heels
Whenever she thinks she should
Her life is opposite to those women who belong to the woods
With her big shot husband at her side
She is the elegant Indian woman who enjoys her ride
In her life
She is unaccustomed to the word called ‘strife’
We speak of socialism
We boast of communism
We celebrate our republic
We speak of our unity which is a trick
To keep the proletariat pacified with the aid of soft skills
Now let me cool my heels.

The Lady is just a representative of the elite class
She shines like the gold
She is elegant and bold
While others ?
Without any God fathers
Not even achieve a plate made of brass

How can we speak of unity among diversity
Is there any equality
I am touched to the core
When the deserving and the needy are shown the door

Words and deeds are poles apart
My vision gets blurred.


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