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The Last Sight and Two Other Poems

by Rima Sahamandal
(Kolkata, India)

The Last Sight

Wish all lights will soon be dim,
And only the moon to cast it's beam,
And quicken the arrival of my dream..
O dream don't be broken!!
Just continue to flow like a stream,
And let the tears fill my eyes to the brim,
As the last sight of my love it seems..
Perhaps tomorrow my eyes will not open to see him..

Let Me Pretend

Heart beat stopped by pain,
Now what to lose and what to gain?
I closed the door when Strom is outside,
But how to find shed when inside is rain?
Oh that unseen wound which I can see!
Let me take a veil and hide this stain..
As it's the life where I have to remain,
So let me be happy or at least pretend.

Will Love You Forever

He said, "your trust,I don't deserve",
I said, "I am keeping trust on my love",
He said, "what if i'll cheat?",
I said, "my love will again make us to meet",
He said, "for me,please never wait"
I said, "what more I have to do,you to get?"
He said, "don't love me,you will be hurt"
I said, "can't help,now I am in the control of my heart",
He said, "on me don't invest your faith",
I said, "can even wait for you till my last breath"..


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Jan 09, 2017
by: No name

Really awesome just keep it up. My best wishes to you.

A comment with a name will be appreciated.
-By Admin

Jan 09, 2017
The Last Sight
by: Barry kakahandsome

It sounds pretty cool. Because you did it because you can, You can because you want to and you want to because they said you couldn't. That was awesome.

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