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The Letter

by Lakshmi Menon
(Bangalore, India)

Anil handed a folded letter to his wife Sita  and asked her to read it after he left to see the doctor. "A letter? Why?" Sita asked perplexed. 

"Just like that. I have to tell you something which I can't tell you directly, so I thought it is better to write this letter to you," he replied without looking at her direction. 

She then looked at him for a while wondering what would be that he needed a letter to inform her. 

"Whatever it may be please tell me straight away," Sita pleaded, but without attending to her request he had already turned his face and walked swift steps to escape from there. 

"I will come back soon," he said standing in the hospital veranda looking at her, and the next moment he disappeared. 

Though Sita's heart longed to know the content of the letter, her hand refused to unfold it and her eyes refused to go through the words which she felt weighed  heavily probably with some bad news. Slowly she recomposed herself and mustered courage to open the letter which looked at her mysteriously. 

"My dear Sita, 

You must be wondering why I am writing this letter to you. Yes, you are right. There is a reason behind it  which I can't tell you directly.  I am afraid my tongue may not work when I look for  the right words to tell you or it may jumble up the words which may not be conveying the exact meaning that  I  wanted to. So I thought it is the easier way to let you know through this letter please bear with me."
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