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The Loss Of a King

by Gurpreet Kaur

The open field welcomed us
The fresh air hugged us
The rising sun spread its aura
A smile spread amongst the entire flora
Along with me were seen
My prince and my queen
But, this world so brutal
Decided our fate so fatal

The world took away from me my treasure
This was my only pleasure
Being a king I am shattered now
Without my family I’m living I do not know how
The world took away my only child
With whom I enjoyed in the wild
They took away my life
By taking away my dear wife

Now I await my turn
In the lost shadow of the fern
As this greedy man can not see me survive
He just will not leave me alive
Even if I am the king of this land
Even if I own every grain of the sand
Even if every creature respects and obeys me here
It is these humans whom I fear

They say they would protect me, but they don’t
They say they would respect me, but they don’t
They say they will increase further my kind
But these are mere thoughts in their mind
I was the king of this jungle but, now I am no more
I am still that lion but, now my status sores
Why do you want to kill me?
I am not that bad
It is your constant torture
That has made me more than sad


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Nov 03, 2011
by: Gagan

i liked d metaphorical use of d king as in d king of d jungle..
nice verses..

Oct 29, 2011
The Loss of a King
by: Harmeet Singh

Beautiful poem!! Appreciate the composition done by the poet! :)

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