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The magic of music!!

by Manjushree Sarathy
(Bangalore, India)

Guess an art form that triggers your feelings in different way... that's right, it's MUSIC!!

Music is a vital part of every person's life. It is essential in different moments of life. This isn't something which just brings happiness to our lives but also shows us ways to overcome problems. Music has the special power of unwinding and recuperating. For me, listening to music is like going into a land of fantasy filled with joy, beauty and exuberance. A special characteristic of Music is that it doesn't have any barrier , whatsoever. It doesn't differentiate between general population , religion or beliefs. Also, music makes learning easy!! Remember the nursery rhymes we had learnt as kids?? We probably might forget the lyrics but can never forget the tune.

Personally, I've been highly infatuated by our native music. Firstly, it's the Indian music. Indian music has been extremely varied right from classical music to film music more commonly known as pop. Music is apparent in Indian culture as way of expression. With a research, I discovered that music in India is rooted by the theatres in ancient India. These theatres have been full scale musicals. This tradition has been carried out till date in Indian films in which music is an integral part. But many movies are now being targeted at the western society movies with less music. This is killing India's musical background. As much as I try to listen foreign music, which provides a different taste but I don't think any music can evoke emotions in a person ,better than Indian music. Moreover little intricacies like Alaap and taal which are specific to Indian music can make desolate moments extremely special.

Since a year or two, I've been a keen listener of qawalis and more specifically know as, today's pakistani classical music which again has Indian roots. Qawaali and spirituality is highly connected and that's probably the reason it resonates with me a lot more. It takes me to a state of trance wherein one can experience utmost tranquillity while listening to these.

Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is definitely one of my most favourite singers. Music talent runs in his family and everyone in his family are the greatest of all time. Songs like afreen afreen, zaroori tha and chapp thilak can take you to zen mood which is indescribable. His performance in the noble peace prize ceremony wherein he took the stage by storm is unforgettable.

I have nil knowledge of music and am mere audience but have been so impacted by it to be able to articulate my thoughts to my best ability. Hats the magic of music.!!

You are as gripping as glue,
As stunning as a thunder.

You sound so heavenly to my ears,
Is this for real, I wonder?

Your words are sweet and inspiring,
And sometimes bold and daring.

You are like the smooth satin caressing my ear,
You can manifest any emotion,
Be it joy, downcast or fear.

You can lift up the spirit of a person, “silent"
And have the power to make a serene event "opulent"!!!


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