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The Magical Month of Ramdan!

by Safia
(Calicut, India)

The Magical Month of Ramadan has begun!Indeed something Magical about this Month which can be felt as soon as the Month approaches.

When the Ramadan Month begins there is a transformation in the Muslim community observing it. Muslims behave and act in a certain Manner befitting the Holy Month
It is like a festival of 30 days.
There is a Celebratory mood, and a feeling of goodness on embarking on this journey.

One of the reason why Ramadan is a Month of celebration is the coming together of community and families.
Fasting families break their fast together,and also invite others to break fast.
Many break their fast together at the Mosque too.
And everyone gathers for the special Ramadan prayers offered at night in the Mosque.

As Ramadan has a purpose in it,we are able to carry the same purposefulness in all other tasks . There is more focus in what we do, tendency to laze and procrastinate is less.
Everyone follows the same norm,waking up before dawn for the pre dawn Meal,which gives the fasting person,the strength to fast,then the day is followed by total abstinence from food,which is broken at Sun set.

The Ramadan prayers at night are a Great Spiritual exercise. The Mosques bask in Spiritual light of the Prayers and Recitation of Qur'an.
For those seeking a break from the fast paced life, Ramadan gives us that,as a hungry stomach does slow us down. And along with more time being spent in worship gives us the opportunity to contemplate and introspect.

It is also called the Month of Forgiveness and Generosity, some generally start the month with seeking forgiveness from each other,letting bitterness, malice, hatred go. Because unless the heart is clean,the rituals wont have its meaning. Also people take in to charity in a huge way.

Woman too join the Men, for the special prayers in Ramadan. Children's are equally excited about Ramadan as it means,more variety of delicious food on the table,meeting up with their cousins and friends at the mosque and at Iftar get togethers and getting Gifts!

When the Eid Moon is sighted,no doubt everyone is happy but there is always a certain sadness in the departure of it too, as only after a year will this lovely visitor come again.

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Aug 06, 2012
Your article
by: Sneha

I have a very close Muslim friend who has always told me fascinating things about festivals celebrated in her household. Your article on Ramdan is very thoughtful, informative and speaks wisdom.

Aug 07, 2012
Thank you.
by: Safia

Thank you so much Sneha.Really glad you liked it.

Aug 21, 2013
yet again splendidly written!
by: zareena

it carries all the emotions what we hold close to this month! very well essayed!

Aug 22, 2013
Thank you!
by: safia

Thanks zareena!

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