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The Magical Piano

by Vidushi Malhotra
(Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India)

There was once an Indian couple in London who was romantically in love with one another. They were not willing to leave each other, whatever be the circumstances. It was young love and both of them had left their parents' houses and were living in a small apartment.

One day, as they were passing by shops on the streets of London, they came across a musical instruments shop. The boyfriend was not much into music but his girlfriend loved hearing piano concerts and had just seen the most magnificent piano inside the shop. She insisted her boyfriend take her inside the shop to which he willingly agreed and they both stepped inside the shop.

Inside, they went straight to the piano and became glued to it. Just then, a saleswoman came towards them and asked whether they would like to see the piano in detail and buy it perhaps? The girlfriend was willing right at that instant to buy the piano, but her boyfriend put a dampener to her thoughts and asked her to be a bit reasonable about it because their combined salary was not much so as to be able to purchase the piano nor would it fit into their apartment as it was small.

The girlfriend was a bit heartbroken but saw the sense of what her boyfriend was trying to make her understand. They thanked the saleswoman and left the shop.

Back at home, the girlfriend just couldn't stop thinking about the piano. She was mystified by its thoughts. The boyfriend understood her pain and tried to comfort her in as best a way as possible. He assured her that once they got a promotion at their jobs, then they might
shift into a nice mansion and may even buy the piano. This cheered her up so much that she wrapped him up in a big, warm hug and they shared a kiss too.

After 5 years, both of them got promotions at their salaries increased tenfold. This allowed them not only to purchase a nice, big mansion in Central London but with the extra money, they went back to the musical instruments shop and saw that the piano was still there, the same as before. The same saleswoman came and the couple proposed to buy the piano on the spot. The saleswoman was very glad and the payment was done and the piano was delivered to their place the next day.

The couple happily started opening the piano. When all the packing had been removed, they placed the piano in their grand hall where they entertained guests.

As the couple opened the lid of the keyboard, the piano come into life and started playing music on its own. The couple was astonished but also pleased to hear the melodious music. They quickly understood that this is no ordinary piano but a magical one. After listening to it for an hour they closed the lid and the magical piano became normal.

This became a daily ritual in the house. They opened the lid and enjoyed the musical treat. They even had guests come over on weekends and they were also surprised to hear the piano playing on its own.

Eventually, the couple got married and they lived happily in their mansion. The piano sat happily on the corner of the grand hall. Their life became good and everything was on the uphill for them.


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