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The Mysterious Girl

by Svatee Bedi
(Mumbai, India)

Rihan suddenly saw the truck coming towards the girl,who was lost in her own thoughts.He rushed and pulled her arm.She looked towards him wondering what had happened and why was this young man holding her arm. Rihan glanced at the girl. She looked back towards him with a mysterious look. He loved the look in her eyes.

Such mysterious,dark eyes she had.
She pulled away her arm from him and frowned at him.
“Why did you hold my hand. ”
“Can’t you see and cross the road?,” Rihan shouted at the girl,and at the same time falling in love with her beautiful eyes.
“What..?” the girl sounded confused.
“Didn’t you see the truck?”
“Oh!I am so sorry Mr. umm “
“Thanks Rihan,” the girl smiled at Rihan.
Rihan was lost in his thoughts staring at the smiling face. She had such a beautiful smile.
“Good bye Rihan,and thanks for saving my life.” The girl left from there.

“Hey!What is your name?” Rihan called out, but,the girl went ahead without telling her name.

Rihan went to his home. He kept on thinking about the girl. He couldn’t keep his mind away from those mysterious, wonderful eyes, and her smile- how lovely it was. He wanted to meet her again,see her again. He was completely mesmerized by her beauty.

Many days passed and the girl kept on lurking in his mind. He visited the same signal daily in the hope of seeing the girl,only to disappoint himself.

And then finally one day he saw her at the nearby mall.
Rihan went up to her.
“Hi!”,he said.
“Hi Rihan.”
“You still remember my name?”
“Of course”
“You didn’t tell me your name Miss umm..”
“I am Tania.”
“Tania..hmm.Nice name.”
Tania smiled at him.
“Let us meet up for a cup of coffee this Saturday. If you don’t mind.”
“I hardly know you Rihan.”
“Well!!Miss Tania that’s why I asked you out for a cup of coffee,so that we can know each other better.” Rihan said.
“I will think and tell you."
Rihan scribbled his number on a piece of paper and gave it to Tania. Tania took Rihan’s number and went on her way. He kept waiting for her call with different thoughts going on in his mind.

Finally Saturday came; Rihan was still waiting for Tania’s call.The clock was ticking really slowly for Rihan. Every passing minute felt like an hour to him.

And, in the afternoon Rihan received his much awaited call.
“Hi Rihan”
“Hi Tania”
“Still want to meet up for a cup of coffee?”
Rihan couldn’t believe his ears.
“Yes of course...”
They met that day for a cup of coffee.
And from that day onwards they kept on meeting and started spending lots of time with each other.

They regularly met each other-they sometimes went for a movie,sometimes shopping and sometimes just loitered in various places.
Rihan was falling in love with Tania,with every meeting and wanted to marry her. He even felt that Tania was in love
with him too.
And finally the day came when Rihan proposed marriage to Tania.
Tania was looking so pretty that day that Rihan couldn’t resist proposing to her.
“Tania,will you marry me?”Rihan suddenly blurted.
Tania looked at him with the mysterious gaze she had, with surprise.
When Rihan did not get an answer for a few seconds, he thought either he had said something wrong or it was not the right time to say it.
“Tania,please say something.”
Tania saw him and gave a bleak smile.
Rihan was getting impatient to hear her reply.
“I have to go now Rihan.”
“Did I say something wrong,Taa..nia?”
“No Rihan.You didn’t.”
“Then,what is wrong? Do you like me?”
“And love?? Do you love me?”
Tania looked at him but,didn’t say anything.
Rihan could see a lot of pain and fear in her eyes.
“Tania,what is wrong?”
“Nothing,” Her voice was really low.
Rihan was seeing a different Tania in front of him now.
Rihan was coaxing her to tell him if something was wrong.
But,Tania didn’t say a word and left without saying anything. Rihan called after her but she didn’t look around. He tried calling her only to find her phone to be either switched off or not reachable.

Rihan had started feeling helpless. He went to all the places where they had gone together to search her.
Months went by and there was no sign of Tania anywhere.It was as if she had vanished into thin air.
Rihan was always lost in her thoughts. Her eyes and her smile were making him crazy. He tried dialing her number many times, only to disappoint himself.

And then one day,Rihan saw Tania once again,she was crossing the same road where he had met her for the first time.He again saw a truck speeding towards her,and once again he rushed towards her and pulled her arm.
Tania stared at him with those mysterious dark eyes he had always loved.
Suddenly,he felt a forceful jerk on his arm ,he saw a tall, bulky man standing in front of him with a questioning look on his face.
“I got her for 50,000 Rupees, pay me that much...and you can take her." He said.

Rihan felt aghast on hearing this, he didn’t know what to think.
“How dare you,say such things about her!” Rihan was really angry on hearing his words.
“Go on ask your friend or should I say...” the man was unperturbed.
“What is he saying Tania.” Rihan asked Tania with a sense of anxiety rising within him.
But, Tania didn’t say a word.
He was surprised to see that there was no look of recognition from her.
His heart skipped a beat and he released her arm.

Tania moved ahead without even giving a single glance to Rihan.
Rihan looked towards Tania, waiting for her to turn around and see him.
In some time, Tania was nowhere to be seen.

A tear dropped from Rihan’s eyes and he went away in his direction.


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Jun 01, 2016
Please contact
by: Praneeth

Hey, your story is well written,

I am a student willing to make this story as a shortfilm, but before that I need your consent. I am just doing it for the fun purpose and not willing to submit for any competition or not doing it for money.

For more details please contact me on mail:


Nov 25, 2015
Hi Svatee are you writer. Pls get in touch
by: Name

Hi Svatee

It was wonderful story.
Please get in touch with me
my mail is


Oct 14, 2015
The mysterious girl
by: Yunus mohamd

Life is full of surpises. Well written

Oct 13, 2015
by: Moh

Beautiful & involving..

Oct 12, 2015
Touching story
by: Lakshey

Excellent read.

Oct 12, 2015
Good read
by: Ishita

Very touching story. Well articulated

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