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The Pandemic and 2 other Poems

by Sharanya Shukla
(Gurugram, India)

The Pandemic
By – Sharanya Shukla

There was a time
In our lives
When we used to go out
And who thought
That one day we all will be locked
At first, everything was sorted
But then people lost interest
And the whole world seemed lost
Excited to spend time with family
We started quite well
Ludo, cards and Pictionary
Well. that sounds perfect
Later, we realised
That we are all covered with
Negativity and grief
And then you become
Anxious depressed and violent
Nobody likes you’re aggressive sight
But what to do!
People you loved
Are now the ones you hate
And you realise that it’s all fake
You are alone
In a world full of darkness
And then appears your family
With a ray of hope
That turns your helplessness
Into hope
And gradually,
You start to live again
And gradually,
You start to love again!

Fairy Lights
By – Sharanya Shukla

My mind is full of thousands of thoughts
Thoughts of various kinds.
Some of anxiety, some of depression
And they completely cover my mind.

I try to stay positive
But something holds me back,
There is some insecurity
And I don’t know what lacks

As the days passed
These thoughts faded
And suddenly I realised
That thousands of fairy lights
Light up my mind.

There is some hope
Hope of a new kind
And thousands of fairy lights
Light up my mind

Over the days,I realised
That only you are going to be with yourself
In the most difficult times.

So why not to love yourself
Rather than Investing your time In someone else!


By - Sharanya Shukla

I still remember
My first day to school
Tears rolling down, hands shivering
And that was not at all cool.
I was so scared
To leave my mother’s hand
And once I left it
I entered a completely different land
As I entered the building,
I met lovely creatures
And their warmth
Transformed my tears into a big smile
There were different sections
With different teachers
It was a big world
With lots of warm creatures
On and on I moved
Leaving back those days
But the memories stayed on
That made me happy and gay
Starting from nursery
The junior most class
And ending here
In the senior most class
The journey was amazing
And the memories are insane
I wish I could
Walk down the lane again
We learn each day
Through work , study and play
But somehow in this busy life
We have forgotten
That who laid the foundation
Of what we are today
Somehow in all those stages
We made a mini family
That will last for ages!


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May 05, 2022
by: Kaira

Amazing 👏

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