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The Peaceful Sin!!

by Yashi Srivastava
(Lucknow, India)

And then she decided to give up finally on him because she had realized that now it was becoming very tough for her to fool her heart anymore...

She tried every possible way to reach him, to understand him,to know him,to accept him and to love him, but he was not interested. She knew this from the beginning that he has no feelings for her. But she tried, although that's foolish but still she tried to give momentary peace to her heart that she used to get whenever she was with him. She says that one sided love has a very high intensity repelling power because her one step towards him made him go two steps away from her.

She just wanted to be a good part of his life, if not as a lover then as a good friend, but then, possibly she had asked for something big that is why he was unable to be with her as a friend also.

She knew that she was going on a path that has no destination, but she had faith that her efforts will not go in vain. She went against everyone's opinion because she trusted him that he would understand and sometimes he even did but still she blames herself that if she would not have told him about her feelings he would not have made her his "Ignoring friend."

And now she says, "Congratulation to the soul I loved unconditionally, now I have given up because now it is becoming very painful and I have no power left to ruin my heart anymore..."
And when after all this also she loves to commit that peaceful sin of loving him again and again she says...

"I might have given up on you,
But my pen would never give up on you,
You will always be alive
In my good memories
And in my heart!!"


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