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The Poetry of Soul

by Preetham Kopparam
(Gauribidanur, Karnataka, India)

Science, facts, numbers; art, beauty, senses;
Codes, conventions, restraints and the forbidden;
Flattering words, kisses, bitter looks, the sword,
Fancies and the sham...
Soared, fiddled, made all disagreeable evaporate...
And in the bold freedom,
Stood high-
'the epitome of Emancipation'

Keeper of the master's weapon,
Curled in the web of endless lust,
nourished by the grapes of wrath
Was the hidden mysterious dragon
Awaited for long,
Awakened by the traitorous bits within,
pulled down from the peak, into the stygian depths,
With its breath of death, oozed the venomous fire

Shredded, scattered, burnt in flame,
haunted by the ghosts of past-
Embers of the magical talisman,
still remain holding warmth
for the frozen delicate strings
Shelved, in the archive of longings
the chimes from memories,
Make no sound...
Yet, echoes in blue,
the immutable- 'utter naked poetry of soul'


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Apr 27, 2017
by: raj

got connected instantly
these are words for my emotions

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