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The Return

by Maria Isabel Cecilia Pascual

The pathway was lined with moss-covered uneven bricks that had seen better days. Several ancient oak trees can be seen on each side of the road. They look like fierce Roman soldiers faithfully guarding their post. On the west side of the path, a man in dark suit stood there nervously smoothing his semi-long curly hair from his forehead. He pulled his sleeve to expose a gold watch with a soft brown leather band.

"What time is it?" He asked himself countless times.

"I hope my message got across,"

He had been waiting in this path for almost two hours. The relentless scorching sun was not helping at all. Beads of perspiration soaking his white cotton shirt he had under this dark silk suit. The red button flower had started to wilt.He wanted to make a good impression that he listened to Almario to wear this silly attire. Will it matter at all; what he had on? He must be more concerned on how he could express what was in his heart these past years.

Uncle Todd sent him a letter with a complete declaration of what had transpired since his many years of absense.Those years, he didn't even want to recall; but not until the arrival of this letter.

He was willing to burn the old pages of his life and let fate rewrite itself and recreate a new life for himself. He had to admit that forgiveness will not come that easy.

He could not accept the force that kept on pulling him towards this place. He had to come back again, to come face to face with the person who was once the center of his universe.

He should have listened to
his gut instinct as soon as he saw the return address of that envelope. He should have burned it, never opened nor read it, but the temptation and his curiousity was too strong for him to resist.

He was comsumed with these thoughts that he hadn't noticed the soft footsteps coming from behind.

Those footsteps sounded so familiar...

His heart started to beat faster and louder; almost deafening.

He turned slowly and gazed upon a pair of deep purple eyes. He gasped and held his breath.Long strands of raven hair, framing her beautiful face. She hadn't changed a bit, except for the somber look on her face and the furrows forming on her forehead.

Her presence never ceased to create so much havoc with his senses and emotions. She had the same effect on him until now.

He slowly raised his hand to touch her face to make sure she's real, but she instinctively stepped back.

"Ramilla," He said at last, almost a whisper. "I'm glad you came."

He motioned her sit on the stone bench under the tree, but she stood there motionless and just stared at him intently.
This steady gaze bore through his heart.

"I... I am sorry for..." He stuttered to explain and apologize, but he never had a chance to finish.

He felt a burning sensation on his left cheek. The sting was fleeting, but before he could recover, Ramilla was gone.She was already boarding the green car parked a few steps away.

"Let's go, Fernando... I have no desire to linger here and any longer." Ramilla muttered through clenched teeth. Her eyes still burned with intense hurt.

The car sped away... Leaving a trail of dust in the air.

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Jan 25, 2011
TWO, but one name shared...
by: isabel

Thank you ladies for the encouragement and show of support...sincerely appreciated it so much.
Can not keep my eyes open, dreamland's snatching me away too soon, until then...Goodnight and thank you once again.

Jan 21, 2011
by: Geetashree Chatterjee

Graphic description and an unexpected end giving a jolt to the readers. Your succinct writing style attracted me. The swift change in the mood and manner of the protagonist is also interesting and very realistic.

Jan 11, 2011
Mystic and Interesting
by: Tanuja

You are an ace story teller! The twist is mystic and interesting. Never thought Aryan to be so miserable! You are working cleverly with the characters you've implanted. Grand job!

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