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The Scientist and the Alien

by Soma Bose
(Pune, India)

‌Up to one point, our encounter could have been interpreted as a respectful inquiry, one man asking for the where-about of another man, here, one alien had asked his question and if the man answered then he would be...well, they were questioning and answering one another. The man, a scientist from earth's space research center and another one was with a history of an outer planet were chatting with one another. Both their planets were dangerously on the verge of clashing with a big object, an asteroid.

Both the planets were unable to bear the brunt of that flap of asteroid. With this problem, both of them bared their souls and left no doubt as to their interest in discussing the matter. One was man and another was an alien, but ego did not matter. They turned their heads, narrowed their eyes with keen interest.
"So you see, we are related." The alien said with a smile in panic. The scientist noticed the right side of its mouth dropping a little. Scientist knew that any kind of idle talk could lead to an insinuation there and the aliens are so fickle creatures, they might flee like startled birds. Nobody should feel cringed a little at the position of their powers. Both the planets were going to have an adversary situation, whatever genetically the humans and aliens differ from one another, they were looking to make something collaboratively.
It went on like that for a few weeks. They waited until they thought of a gamma ray radiator cum twister rotate machine. Their time calculation and degree of position analysis was so perfect and amiable!

The two space-crafts from two different planets were certainly not to the same degree from the appearance of the asteroid. Whatever was happening in the space, a sonic boom was heard.

Both the scientist and the alien were on control mode from their individual space-craft. The gamma radiator machine was in a controlled and calculative motion so that it could not be tossed with the collision of asteroid. The scientist and the alien were operating it with delicacy through remote controls.

Gamma rays
melted and cut the side edges of the asteroid when it came between the two planets. It moved past the planets without any damage.
"I am so proud and feeling we had done something really worthwhile, you believe?" The scientist cheered and shouted at the alien in deep joy.

Some words the alien did not know but he also smiled at him. They used to communicate with each other using a special visual technique and echo system.

The two space-crafts turned towards their own planets and gently landed on their soil.

Almost two years had passed since the scientist and the alien had arrived in space. And still the two planets were marveling at how they would hand over one another's captured robots.

The two planets rolled their artificial satellite into space. And more important, until the other was unware about this that the another was not monitoring this. Beyond every freeway of one planet in space, there was not freeway exit because the other planet did not blindside the another's artificial satellite.

There was unspoken code of behavior between the robots of two planets sunk in space which inevitably did by the space-crafts of two sides. The robots turned out as spies as two planets were eager to monitor each other's secret space mission. The robots of each side crossed the considerable degree of free space and were caught by opponent planet.
The scientist and the alien who earlier worked collaboratively did not appreciate such kind of dangling.

"It may be unfair, I know about our commitments to head quarters but why the robots will be embarrassed inappropriately?" The scientist explained the alien in code language. The alien shook his head in a positive nod.
The robots were already proved keen in the hunt of opposite planet's mission.

"There should have distinction between acquiring knowledge of other planets but stealing concepts are foolishly labeled with exchanging one another's technique." The scientist's voice sounded to the alien the way it looked for.

Before they might face any humiliation, the captured robots were freed in someplace with no fights, no indulgence of sabotage but only with exploring knowledge.


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