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The Secret

by Aryan Saha
(Konnagar, West Bengal, India)

It is truly said, "Love is blind." There were four friends- Zaheer, Sonalika, Abhishek and Rohit. All of them were from good family backdrops except Sonalika, she had just lost her father two days ago. These four travelled to their school together. They were well-known in the school for their mischievous acts of spreading rumours about the teachers.

They were in class nine, when Zaheer fell in love with Sonalika but he could not find the way to express his feelings for her. One day, by going to school, he knew that Abhishek and Rohit were going to be absent for that day. So, he decided to express his feelings for Sonalika. He asked, "What is the best way to express one's feelings?" Sonalika who did not like the way teenagers behave, said, " I think, to express one's feelings, everyone should not have a bouquet or a rose. The best way is to tell her or him normally." Hearing this, Zaheer was delighted and he whispered to her the three magic words-"I love you." Listening to this, Sonalika blushed and retorted, "Even I love you."

Then, Sonalika asked Zaheer to keep this a 'secret' till she wants and he agrees to it readily. He is so honest to his promise that he does not even disclose it to Abhishek and Rohit.

The days go and time passes by. They grow up and their college is over. Zaheer is an army officer and Sonalika is a school teacher. They both love each other till then but their love was lost in their jobs. The clouds have covered the sun. Sonalika and Zaheer meet and then they plan to reveal their secrets. Thus, Zaheer informed his parents about it. His parents did not accept her and neither did Trina's mother accept the relationship. So, they decided to elope, marry and have a settled life. The parents of this generation do not understand the meaning of true love. These factors force children to elope and marry. The parents should rectify these problems in the modern world of love. This is very wrong rather than a harmful mentality.

In Hindi, we have a very common song regarding love that truly conveys that love is crazy, cheeky and fearless.


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