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The Sixth Sense of Akash

by Vaman Acharya
(Bengaluru, India)

Akash was one among the several students waiting at the corridors of the University college for admission to first- year post-graduation in Archaeology. Even after three hours, he was not called inside the office for an interview. Akash was fed up and roaming from one end to another. His attention was drawn towards the surroundings of the university. He observed beautiful flowers, lakes, tall trees, monkeys jumping from one tree to another, hilly area and different types of birds flying in the sky. Suddenly his sixth sense was activated and he entered in the different world.

Akash went to a garage, where his motor-bike was given for repair. The vehicle was ready to ride. He starts the vehicle towards the place, where his mind was working. The time was 6 pm. After three hours of non- stop drive, he stopped in a small village called Pushpagiri.

Akash didn’t know how he stopped in this unknown village Pushpagiri. He had something in his mind about this village. It was a small village located 12 kilometres away from the state highway number 13 and 5 kilometres away from Pavanpur town. Pushpagiri village was surrounded by the mountains, deserted lakes, tall trees, dilapidated temples, dismantled houses, varieties of beautiful flowers and singing birds. The population of the village was about one thousand five hundred. Two families belong to upper caste visit the village every year during the summer and return to their native place Pavanpur after one month.
These two families maintain a good relationship. From Pavanpur there was a mud road to Pushpagiri. One state transport bus was plying between Pavanpur and Pushpagiri.

Akash reached Pushpagiri village at 10 in the night. His journey was full of adventure. The village was an isolated place. The movement of people was negligible. Due to a power failure, there was darkness. He was unable to move and seriously thinking about the stay in the night. With the help of a torch, he was able to reach one house. Stray dogs were barking in the open area. A black cat was passed in front of him.

He had no other option except to knock at the door. After repeated knocks, an old man with a lantern in his hand opened the door. He requested the old man to permit him to stay in the night. Initially, the old man refused to oblige. Akash prayed to God and closed his eyes for a few seconds. At last, an old man allowed
him to enter inside. The old man provided him with a bed and gave him a glass of water. He was staying with his wife Padma and grand-daughter Nupur, who had recently come from the USA. She was studying in college.

In the morning, Akash expressed thanks and revealed the purpose of his visit to the village. He introduced them in brief about himself. During the course of the conversation, old man Murali revealed the purpose of their visit to the village. Their object and the Akash’s goal was almost similar. Murali was a retired chief engineer and Padma was a retired professor of Anthropology. They were happy to know the goal of Akash and assured him full co-operation. It was a great surprise for Akash when Murali told him strange things about Pushpagiri. Whatever he had in his mind about the village, exactly match with their object. Murali gave one room to Akash.

One day, Akash and Murali prepared a plan of action to search lakes, mountains, varieties of flowers, trees and birds. Murali had an open jeep with the seating facility for five persons. Akash along with them commenced the work immediately. Nupur was happy to observe the nature and hard-working of Akash. His frequent acquaintance with Nupur resulted in love. He rescued Nupur when she was about fall in the five feet down in the hill. Nupur was very much impressed with him.

There was a problem to continue love affair between the young lovers Akash and Nupur. The young man toured the entire area with the family of Murali. He fulfilled his desire and enjoyed seeing all the attractive nature spots.

Nishant a young man of another family, who was staying in Pushpagiri for a different purpose.

Both these families belong to Pavanpur knew each other for three decades. Nishant was a software engineer working in Bengaluru. Nupur wanted to marry Nishant. Now after meeting Akash she changed her mind.

Nishant was unhappy after knowing this development. He gave warning to Akash to leave the village immediately or face the consequences. Akash had undergone difficult days due to the torture given by Nishant. One day, a group of persons came with sticks to attack Akash. He was terribly frightened. Nupur was unable to help Akash.


There was an announcement for Akash to appear before the selection committee. He woke up from his different world and rushed towards the hall. He was the last student to appear for the interview.


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