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The Soul of Celebrations

by Ramesh Ramnathan
(Mumbai, India)

No more noise around.
The dusts have settled aground.
The year has come around.
Your wishes are still as sound

The sweets have left my tastes.
The fats have touched my waists
The gifts have reached their case
Your wishes, in heart yet stays

The winds have breezed away.
The sun has seen the way,
The energy, not sure to stay.
Your wishes, still a powerful ray

The new has turned to old.
The promises holds to be told.
The wealth stops to be just gold.
Your wishes, are treasures multi-fold.

Prosperity as it is seen,
has just a layer to show the sheen.
Values just surrenders to keen.
Your wishes, are but beyond and clean

The knowledge, with me, will perish.
Wisdom ends with dance dervish.
Joy is that when I unleash,
your wish, that leads it to ever cherish

So, it is not the lights and bursts
nor it is the sweets with crusts
or it is the wealth and lusts
not even the wise at its best

It is the wish from that person's heart
who sees the brightness in whole
It is that wish crafted with a mindful art
which gives the celebration a real soul

Thank you very much ...So


Dedicated to all those who stay away from home.. and their only means for celebrating a festival,be it (Diwali,Christmas or Eid)is only through wishes they get from their loved ones. Cheers.

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Oct 26, 2014
by: Anusha Ramanathan

A fighter and a writer,
A doer and a thinker,
A protector and a liberator,
May you achieve heights greater and greater.

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